Your daily travel routine is full of potential – potential that’s normally wasted on Twitter, depressing news, and Facebook…’friends’, but for the dedicated professional or job-seeker, that time spent being taken from one place to another is a portal to self-improvement.




Your Commute Is 'You' Time

Yep. All that time is just for you – not for your friends and family on facebook, or your followers on Twitter, or the eyes that are ready and stinging in anticipation for your next Instagram masterpiece – it’s for you as an individual.


So take that time to better yourself.


You can write a novel on a train, learn a language in a car, and listen to any number of educational audiobooks on the bus.


This might seem counter-intuitive to some. After all, your time is time to do what you want, right?




At the end of the year, you’re going to be proud of that story you finally finished or singing parts of Les Miserable in fluent French. You’re going to instantly forget the tweets, the shares, the likes, and the pretty pictures that briefly distracted you to and from your 9 till 5.


For those of you who need a little direction, here’s a few great (free) apps and sites:


Learn a new language with DuoLingo

Learn math, science, computing with Khan Academy

Learn to code with Code Academy

Get back into art with Tayasui Sketches

Finish that novel with Evernote




Get Organised

This might seem simple. In fact, you might do the same job in the same way every single day and think you don’t need to get organised before you strut into work like the alpha you are. But it helps.


The human mind like your iPad, magically remembering exactly when and where and how you left it. It’s like a car from the 70’s that needed to ‘warm up’ before you could drive away. Synapses need to fire. Cogs need to turn. Memory needs to be prompted. And you can do all of this on the way to work.


Here are a few simple steps to follow:

- Visualise your first fifteen minutes in the workplace. What has to be done?

- Follow this train of thought to remember where you left things yesterday. What happened then that will affect your day today?

- Write down or focus on three things you’d like to achieve during the working day

- Look at – but don’t respond to ­– any work emails you may have received. As nice as it is to get the ball rolling before you walk in the doors, failing to properly communicate because of the severe lack of caffeine in your system will cause more work down the line. Just get prepared to answer them when you hit the office.




Breathing is important. You could go so far as to say it’s necessary. But breathing – and really paying attention to it and quieting your mind – will give you the necessary zen to let your mind slipstream into work-mode.




The Way Back

This is your time to unwind. No, not on the socials (which, let’s face it, you’ve checked every other minute at work), but with something that will help your mind slow down after a full day of being on the ball.


You could turn to the classics, like word jumbles or crosswords or Sudoku, or to the new favourites, like podcasts and audiobooks.


Whatever your poison is, it should be intended to take your mind away from the functions it’s been performing all day. Like your body, your mind can wear out, and will need time to recuperate with different exercises and activities.


Just remember, time is all we really have. Make the most of it, and you’ve made the most of life.


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