How to tell your boss you want to work differently?

With the recent pandemic, people are finding safer ways to work. However, not every employer is adjusting to the new way of doing things. If you want to make some changes in the way you do things, you may not know how to approach your boss. You don’t want to insult them in anyway, but you also want to ensure you stay healthy. Here are some tips on how to tell your boss you want to work differently.

1. Find the right time
It’s extremely important to find the right time to talk to your boss. If you pick the wrong time, your boss may be in a bad mood or not able to pay attention since you interrupted them while they were busy. Respect their time be scheduling an appointment with them when they have time. This will ensure that they have a couple of minutes to fully hear your request and reasoning why.

2. Clarify your request
There are a number of ways you may want to change the way you want to work. For example, you may want to work from home. This is much safer than coming into contact with people at the office every day. However, this can also present problems for your boss. First, define what working from home would look like. You should also try to anticipate any problems and explain how you would combat those problems. If there are important meetings on site, clarify which meetings you will attend.

3. Explain your reasoning
Clearly, COVID-19 is a problem. However, you need to explain in detail why it’s a problem when it comes to completing your current task in the current way you are expected to complete it. If you are at a higher risk due to an autoimmune disease or age, you should also mention this in your argument. When you present a strong argument, your boss will be more willing to listen.

4. Compromise
You can’t expect to get absolutely everything you want from this conversation. You need to be willing to give in somewhat. your boss may require you to come in a couple day a week instead of working from home exclusively. That’s a win. It may not be possible for you to work differently at all. In this case, you should have a plan B ready. You may be able to move your desk to a more remote location in the office or change some practices.

5. Emphasise your successes
Your employer will be far more willing to approve of your requests if you have been a model employee. Show off a little bit by mentioning your accolades with the company and past achievements. It also helps to point out how long you’ve been with the company if you are a veteran. If you can prove that you were a good employee in the past, your boss may believe that you will continue to be an asset.

It’s important to be safe and healthy. This means you might want to make some changes in the way you work. To help improve the chances that you get what you want, use this tips.

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