Growing up with a love for numbers, I found it a little disconcerting that any desire I may have shown toward embracing the joy of simple arithmetic and transforming it into a career was met with a lukewarm response at best.


“Why would you want to sit in an office crunching numbers all day?”, or, “Don’t waste your life becoming a bean counter”, were common responses. There seemed to be a common perception that accountants were boring people only tolerable at tax time, and best avoided at all costs in a social setting.


Let us attempt to debunk the myth that accountants are boring.


1. They play a huge role in important deals

Finance is growing in importance and influence, and that means that its practitioners are doing the same. The more involved they are in the front line of the business, the more they become commercially aware. Accountants are no longer kept in tiny closets beneath the stairs, hunched over an abacus counting the day away. In fact, it is more than likely they will be at an important meeting conveying critical information to help steer an organization in the right direction.


2. Accountants have an understanding of all aspects of the business.

To be in business means making money, making money means accountants. Any dodgy transaction, any money swept under the rug, accountants are the people that make this happen and in any business, they will know all the dirt on any particular person or department just by looking at the numbers.


3. Every business needs an accountant.

With this in mind, the work opportunities are quite astonishing. Think of the most exciting company you could hope to work for. They have an accountant, and chances are that the accountant gets to sit in on all the important meetings and influence major decisions that help shape the company’s destiny. The same can’t really be said for pumping gas at a service station.


4. Accountants speak a secret language.

What could be more exciting than this? While everyone else at the office squints at the numbers and hopes they make sense, accountants see a unique language that speaks with a definite clarity that is often lost in words. It is then their job to convey this information to the rest of us simpletons with minimal fuss.


5. Accountants can work when and where they want.

If a job with a massive firm isn’t for you, why not start your own practice? There are no noise restrictions and an accountant doesn’t have to stop work when the sun goes down. This may help to explain why my accountant always has sand in his hair and a wry grin on his weather beaten face.


Does this kind of flexibility and job security sound as enticing to you as it does to me? It could be time to jump ship and sail the numbers boat.

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