Why People Really Quit Their Jobs

Quitting a job is never an easy choice for those who require a full-time position simply to pay their bills and get by each day. Understanding why people really quit their jobs is essential whether you are a hiring manager, running your own business, or if you are currently seeking an open and available position for yourself. When you know why people really quit their jobs, creating or locating the right workplace becomes much clearer.

They Are Not Motivated

Workplaces that do not provide employees with incentives and motivations are likely to have a much higher turnover rate than those that do. When you are not working to motivate your employees, you run the risk of losing workers and lowering the overall morale within your workplace itself. If your employees are not excited or do not feel positive about coming into work, you may need to make some changes.

Boredom and Loss of Interest

If an individual is no longer interested in their work or they no longer feel pride for the work that they do, they may find it more suitable to quit than to continue on as an employee. Boredom and a loss of interest play a major role in whether or not an individual is likely to remain in a position for years or even decades. If an individual no longer feels as if they are getting what they desire out of a job or career, they may begin searching for alternative paths that are more fulfilling and promising for the future that they envision for themselves.

Uncomfortable or Unwelcoming Workplace Environment

Any workplace that is uncomfortable or extremely unwelcoming is not likely to retain employees, even if they are hardworking, productive, and efficient. If employees do not feel welcome in their own workplace, they will not remain an employee for long. It is imperative that a workplace is comfortable welcoming, and unassuming to help all employees adjust to their positions, especially if they are a new hire.

Creating a workplace environment that is attractive, appealing, and extremely comforting is one way to obtain and retain new employees. In addition to feeling comfortable, employees are far more likely to remain motivated and encouraged to be productive in a workplace they enjoy and appreciate.

Bad Boss

A bad boss, employer, or manager is one way to quickly lose employees and the ability to retain employees long-term. A bad boss can include the following traits:

  • Rude: Employers who are rude or patronising are not likely to build a good rapport with employees and team members.
  • Condescending: Condescending employers are off-putting for most employees who are seeking positive workplaces.
  • Unhelpful: A boss who is unhelpful is not attractive to those who are interested in environments that offer opportunities to grow.
  • Exclusive: If a boss excludes individuals due to personal feelings or vendettas, it becomes difficult for others to trust them. Untrustworthy and exclusive bosses can quickly cause employees to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Better Opportunities

The biggest reason an individual is likely to quit their job is to find a bigger and better opportunity. Better opportunities may include a more comfortable workplace environment, higher pay, a better boss, and even more flexibility or freedom when it comes to getting the job done. Leaving a position for a better opportunity is one of the biggest motivators for individuals who are looking to shift up their career trajectory and the future outlook they envision for themselves.

If you are an employer who is about to lose an employee due to them finding an alternative position, inquire about their reasoning and ask how you can help to do better in the future for those who work for you. Working to improve your workplace and its environment is essential when you want to truly understand why employees are quitting their jobs and looking to earn a living elsewhere.

While quitting a job can lead to better opportunities and new positions, it is quite stressful and daunting to those who have never quit a job in the past. By understanding the root causes and reasons why individuals quit their jobs, better understand which workplace environment is right for your business or your future as a full-time employee.

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