The right questions to ask about a company in the interview

Today’s job market is experiencing the highest inflation that has never been witnessed in the past years. Getting shortlisted after a job application is not as easy as it was in the 90s because there are more qualified persons than the available positions.

However, the worrying part is that those shortlisted don’t utilise their interview sessions well. They tend to focus more on the questions they will be asked and forget about those they will ask the company should the opportunity present itself.

To avoid missing out on a job offer as others have done in the past, you can consider reading this article to acquaint yourself with the right queries you can pose about a company. Consider the following questions since they are examples of those that you can ask when the chance avails itself;

1. How can I describe the culture here?

Asking about how the company runs most of its operations will give you the right insight into what you should expect should you get the offer. The question will allow you to know the kind of pace expected in the company and the company’s structure. If you are entrepreneurial and you find out that the company values structure, you may consider making a personal decision to change your mindset in favour of the job at hand.

2. How does a typical day in the job look like?

Even if you read the job description and understood every bit, don’t assume that the job will entail precisely that. You should ask about what the company will expect of you daily. That will also prepare you for the daily duties.

How to encounter the common answer

In most job interviews, the common answer to this question by the interviewers have been, “In our company, every day presents a challenge, so what counts is how you tackle the daily challenge.”

If that is the answer in your case, you can ask them to recap for you about the previous month or previous business period. If they do, you will have a perfect opportunity to gain insight into how the future will look if you get absorbed into the company.

3. Are there any opportunities for growth in this position?

If you are an ambitious person who values progress in a career, you shouldn’t leave the interview room without posing the question. It will show the interviewer that you are focused on growing in your career. It’s good to know before the actual job if there will be room for growth to avoid regretting later after joining the company.

4. How do I measure success in this position?

Success is the backbone of everything in a company. If you succeed in your role, you are likely to enjoy your daily responsibilities and excel further. Therefore, knowing how the company defines success will guide you on how to handle their tasks to avoid failure. Also, it will help you in adopting fundamental principles that are key in every role.

5. Who will I be reporting to, and what is the protocol?

In most job descriptions, not all companies indicate who the post holder will be reporting to once the tasks assigned are completed. If the company interviewing you highlighted that, it is essential to ask the question since it will prevent you from unnecessary conflicts. It will also prepare you psychologically for how you will be dealing with your boss.

Remember, not all bosses are good and easy to deal with once you are in the job. Knowing the person you will be dealing with at an early stage will give you better room for planning yourself.


In any job interview, you need to prepare early with the questions you will ask the interviewer(s). Above are some of those questions that, if you ask, you will get to know more about the company. Never hesitate to ask questions and assume that things will be ok. You may be surprised once you get the job.

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