Australia’s IT job market are hungry for skilled Project Managers

Digital tech, such as artificial intelligence, automation and big data, are fundamentally changing the way businesses operate across the world. This tech is driving innovative practices throughout the job market, for example, blockchain is being utilised in agriculture to track supply chains, and cloud computing is transforming the way university courses are taught.

Like these examples, many other sectors, including construction, engineering, IT and mining, have an increasing demand for skilled project managers to assist with the adoption of these practices. This article explores why digital adoption and IT project managers are inextricably linked, and how professional development and study can set you apart from your peers.

IT project managers can improve a business’ ability to adopt tech

According to a report by Data61, tech innovations have the potential to deliver $315 billion to Australia’s economy over the next decade. There is a concern that Australia won’t adopt it as successfully as other countries. Partly because of barriers to adoption, such as a lack of knowledge around tech.

This can be overcome using the expertise of a skilled project manager. Not only will a project manager lead and motivate a team, but they’re also responsible for identifying a project’s scope, tracking its budget and delivering it on time.

The Australian government has identified key factors that businesses should consider adopting to remain competitive. This includes understanding how to best take advantage of emerging tech, particularly as it evolves; and using cloud computing and social media to improve business practices and expand audiences, respectively.

These factors may be realised in different ways, but implemented with the support of a dedicated project manager.

Why developing tech calls for skilled IT project managers

There’s increasing demand for project managers within the IT sector. As the benefits of tech solutions are more widely understood across both government and private sectors, project managers are required to assist with their implementation.

A recent study conducted by the Project Management Institute has found that by 2027, the need for project management will grow by 33 per cent in 11 countries, including Australia. In these countries, it’s likely nearly 22 million new jobs will be created throughout this time. These figures emphasise how in demand IT project managers will be as tech continues to develop over the coming years.

A case study: The National Broadband Network (NBN)

Project managers are also crucially important as larger tech projects emerge to change infrastructure in our communities. A recent example of this in Australia is the development of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

NBN provides high-speed internet across Australia, with 86 per cent of the regional rollout completed by mid-2018. Individuals, businesses and social service providers in regional areas can now operate more effectively. The benefits for IT businesses are tangible as the NBN enables increased access to larger audiences and a reduction in previous operational costs.

Education and professional development is key to breaking into the job market

Experience in an IT project management role is beneficial, but to actually first land that role it’s worth considering developing your skills. There are many kinds of training so it’s useful to do your research to find out what’s right for you. For those that are considering becoming an IT Project Manager, taking an online postgraduate diploma will allow you to learn the most current theories, principles and best practises to help develop a solid foundation in IT project management.

If you have experience in the IT industry, but would like to manage projects, further study and professional development is a way you can stay ahead of your peers. You can be a more effective IT project manager by using Agile methodology to drive project success in evolving contemporary settings. In doing so, you’ll develop the knowledge and skills to drive agile projects and lead the team behind its successful completion.

Online study can support you to move into a project management role. Learn more about RMIT Online’s Graduate Diploma in Project Management (IT), and how this highly regarded course can help. By seeking out educational opportunities, you’ll play a part in fulfilling the demand for project managers in the IT sector.

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