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We're an award-winning fintech company that's transforming the home loan process. Our world-first platform strips time and cost out of the home loan process. Our technology makes decisions about your application as you’re filling out your details online – real-time assessment. This means you can have a fully approved home loan on the same day you submit your application. We make time by using thoughtful technology to benefit our customers, partners and people. We relentlessly innovate to make experiences faster, smarter and simpler. Our world-class tech can assess your home loan application in real-time as you complete it online. And while our tech can do all of the work for us (which is why our loans have lower rates and no fees), we also have a human team working out of our Adelaide-based HQ. So, you get efficiency with personalised service, when you want it. We also refuse to play along with disempowering financial jargon, so we’re plain speaking with no nonsense, no asterisks, and no disclaimers. Hurrah for the home loan experience you deserve!
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