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Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Employment
Opportunity (EEO)
Johnson Recruitment supports the following Equal Employment Opportunity programs:
Cultural Diversity Cultural Diversity
Disability programs Disability programs
Diversity Diversity
Equal opportunities programs Equal opportunities programs
LGBTI Support LGBTI Support
About Johnson Recruitment

Why work with Johnson Recruitment?

Johnson Recruitment is an independent recruitment and consulting firm established to assist clients to achieve their business objectives through the recruitment of permanent and temporary staff. We are proud to connect job seekers with a role that they are genuinely passionate about.

Our experience in working with hiring managers means we understand the processes and sensitivities associated with satisfying stakeholders yet providing quality outcomes. Our commitment to the needs of individuals and a unique approach to risk mitigation is what sets us apart and leads to an exemplary track record of success.

We pride ourselves on partnering closely with a select group of clients, deeply understanding their business activities and objectives, and assisting them in achieving timely and successful outcomes.

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