Health Education and Training Institute

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About Health Education and Training Institute
The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) is a NSW government organisation and a pillar within NSW Health. HETI supports education and training for excellent health care across the New South Wales public health system.

We work to ensure that world-class education and training resources are available to support the full range of roles across the public health system including patient care, administration and support services.

HETI’s Vision is 'Where innovation drives excellence in education and training for improved health outcomes'​. HETI began operations on 2 April 2012 as a Statutory Health Corporation following a Ministerial Review of Future Governance for NSW Health.

The institute builds on the work of predecessor organisations: the Clinical Education and Training Institute (CETI), the NSW Institute of Medical Education and Training (IMET) and the NSW Institute of Rural Clinical Services and Teaching (IRCST).
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