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First Choice Care is a quality and well established nursing agency that provides work for nurses. It procures assignments for suitably qualified nursing staff in the following clinical areas: * Aged Care Nursing within a facility setting. * Acute Care Nursing within the Hospital setting. As a company First Choice Care endeavours to service three important customer groups, our nursing staff, the facilities we service and the patient population that our nurses care for. First Choice Care as an agency are constantly striving to innovate ways to assist all three of our customer base. First Choice Care use state of the art allocation programs to ensure nursing staff are matched into the correct facility based on skill set as well geographic proximity to ensure nurses and facilities are married up correctly, and service is delivered in a timely manner. We coordinate our Nurses and Facilities using a number of tools including an online booking system to maximise time efficiency. At First Choice Care, we are constantly striving for consistent allocations to avoid unnecessary stress and risk to our nurses, facilities, and patient population. Automated systems such as police checks help us to ensure our nurses meet all statutory requirements.
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