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About Drakes Supermarkets
Welcome to Drakes Supermarkets, Australia’s leading independent supermarket retailer. With over 5,500 employees in over 56 sites in South Australia and Queensland including newsagencies and liquor stores, the Drakes story is a novel of incomparable success. The expansion of Drakes has been continuous, starting in 1974 with Roger's first store - a 4 lane supermarket at Mitcham, South Australia. The principles of a family culture and commitment to customer service has meant that Drakes has experienced unprecedented growth, expanding the business to various operational arms such as fruit and veg wholesaling, meat production and warehousing. No longer is working in or for a supermarket simply about stacking shelves, it’s about having skill, being business minded, while possessing a passion for serving customers, contributing to the community and achieving excellence in retailing that is unmatched. The future at Drakes is hugely exciting. The business continues to make investments in new and existing stores, operational advancements to gain a competitive edge and most importantly the business continues to invest in its people.
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