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Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Employment
Opportunity (EEO)
Datacom supports the following Equal Employment Opportunity programs:
LGBTI Support LGBTI Support
Mature age worker support Mature age worker support
Indigenous programs Indigenous programs
Grad programs Grad programs
Equal opportunities programs Equal opportunities programs
Diversity Diversity
Disability programs Disability programs
Cultural Diversity Cultural Diversity
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About Datacom
With over 6,200 people, and annual revenues of over $1.3 billion, Datacom is one of Australasia’s largest professional IT services companies. Datacom has extensive expertise in the operation of contact centres, data centres, the provision of IT services, software engineering and application management, as well as payroll and customer service design and operations. Founded in 1965 and operating across Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the Americas, Datacom has a successful trading history of consistent growth and profitability from a track record of delivering innovative, cost effective digital and technology solutions. Datacom is committed to hiring, developing and promoting diverse talent. Our people are the best in their fields – smart, passionate, and dedicated to providing exceptional IT services to our customers. This makes for a rewarding and fast-paced work environment.
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