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Australian Vintage Limited is a leading Australian wine company. Championing a fully-integrated wine business model, the breadth of our capabilities extends to vineyards, boutique and bulk wine production, packaging, marketing and distribution. Our award winning brands, including Nepenthe, McGuigan Wines and Tempus Two, are some of Australia’s best recognised wine brands around the globe. As one of the largest vineyard owners and managers in Australia, Australian Vintage prides itself on producing outstanding and innovative wines for wine lovers the world over. This is reflected in our commitment to quality grape and wine production, the strength of our dynamic and award-winning wine brands, and the passion of the people behind them. Today Australian Vintage is at the forefront of the Australian wine industry. Crushing approximately 10% of total Australian annual production, our vineyards and grape supply capacity extends through some of Australia’s most captivating and diverse wine regions. Our dynamic and award-winning wine brands are recognised and enjoyed across the globe. Acclaim for our winemakers continues to grow, and is reflected in the continuing success of our brands and private label solutions the domestic and key export markets. Diversity in winemaking techniques and regionality allows our viticulture and winemaking teams to be leaders in innovation and in the creation of a wide range of wine styles and varietals. Our wines are designed to reflect the tastes of wine lovers everywhere thanks to the individuality, personality, passion and commitment of our brands and the people behind them.

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