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About ACT Health
The ACT Health Directorate is responsible for the stewardship of the health system in the Australian Capital Territory.

ACT Health provides a strong policy and population health capability based on a foundation of world-leading health and medical research.

We develop strategies and set the direction to ensure health services meet community needs and expectations, delivers improved outcomes, and that the system is innovative, effective and sustainable now and in the future.

ACT Health has responsibility for:

• developing strategic policy and stewardship of the health system, including working with the Commonwealth on key health improvement initiatives
• managing demand for and supply of health services across Canberra
• improving the health and wellbeing of the ACT population by promoting healthy behaviours and lifestyles and through ongoing monitoring and evaluation of health programs and policy
• preventing, and providing a timely response to, potential public health incidents
• leading the health workforce and clinical training strategy, including building strong partnerships with key academic institutions and training providers
• commissioning and managing multi-million dollar contracts for the provision of health services, including partnerships with community sector organisations, peak bodies and advocacy groups
• managing a portfolio of infrastructure programs to ensure the ACT has world class, sustainable, fit for purpose clinical and patient care facilities
• monitoring and enforcement of public health regulations, and
• providing public health advice.
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