How to prevent and overcome a burnout

How to prevent and overcome a burnout

Burnout is in fact a very valid diagnosis. Psychologists have been discussing this in excess over the past few years because they are finding that burnout has been the cause of many other psychological disorders among highly motivated and successful people. Burnout according to family therapist Kati Morton is defined as the result of high work input with minimal reward. In essence, we should work for more than just a paycheck. We work for security, passion, love for it, etc. When all we are doing is working for a paycheck without considering any other benefits, burnout is not far behind. Here are five methods to avoid burnout:

1. Implement Boundaries
It would be easy for me to just say change job, but that is not always the easiest thing to do. However, implementing boundaries are in fact very easy to do and cost nothing except toxic behaviour. The word “No” must become a part of your normal vocabulary. Often people suffer from burnout due to the need to say “Yes” to everything. Saying “No” or “Not at this time,” can not only save time and stress, but allows for people in your life to gain respect for you and treat you better. This is due to the fact that you are choosing to respect yourself more. Saying “No” also gives you time to do the things you love as opposed to the things you are obliged to do.

2. Leave Work at Work and Home at Home
The moment you clock out for work, there needs to be a subsequent clocking out in the mind from work. Ideally, everyone should be allowed to turn off work phones, end work conversations (including gossip) as soon as we are done with work for the day. This allows for work to be a place where the only focus is work. It also allows for home to be a place for home and family time.

3. Implement a Rest Day
While working seven days per week seems ideal, it is really a temporary thing. At least, it should be. Every person needs rest. Every person needs a day off. Even entrepreneurs must take personal days in order to ensure that they are at peak health. For budding entrepreneurs, it is imperative to take care of yourself especially considering that you are now boss and employee.

4. Implement Fun
Life is not serious all of the time. There are joys to be had and triumphs to be celebrated. There should be a time in which you as an employee/employer are allowed to not only celebrate milestones but celebrate just because. That celebration doesn’t have to be overly expensive either. It can be an ice cream cone, binge-watching a show, or even just taking a nice long nap.

5. Ask for Help
As fiercely independent millennials we can often forget that we also need help as well. Whether that means delegating tasks, cooperating with a coworker, or even asking for some type of therapy for mental health purposes, there is no shame in that. Asking for help is probably one of the strongest things a person can do, but it is considered a sign of weakness. For me, failing because I should have asked for help is an even bigger sign of weakness and stubbornness.

While many of us may say “I don’t have time for burnout,” it is quite funny because burnout always has time for you. It comes in the form of lack of focus, increased fatigue, passing out, and micro sleeps. There are some more detrimental signs, but those can be avoided with proper precautions and efforts.

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