Tips on How to Use The New CareerOne

Tips on How to Use The New CareerOne

Before you embark on our new job seeking experience, there are a few steps you need to consider to ensure you’re utilising our tools to their full potential. These tips will provide you with the right information you need to land your next job with CareerOne.

Onboarding to the new CareerOne 

Be prepared to spend a few minutes through our onboarding section so we can accurately match you to jobs. You can use your resume to pre-fill most of your profile, and then answer a few questions about what kind of jobs you’re considering. If you don’t have your resume on hand, you can easily create your account manually and upload your resume to your profile at a  later stage. Your goal is to complete your profile as much as possible, giving you the most accurate match-scores to jobs in the market. Not only could you be found by employers headhunting for candidates, we use your profile to find and display jobs for you that you may never have thought to search. 


Now that you’re onboard, it’s time to unlock all of the amazing new features our Discover page can offer. CareerOne now lets you discover new jobs without running a search. We display jobs that are a great match to your overall profile, however it doesn’t end there. Our new platform has unique ways to find jobs based on your work preferences, skills, salary, your desired perks, industries and countless more. You are a unique individual and will be intrigued by different aspects of jobs, and CareerOne helps you to find what you’re looking for. While you’re on Discover, you can expand your match score before going into a specific job ad. And if you want more detail on a collection of jobs, you can switch to list view. 

Match Score 

We give you a match score to any job on CareerOne. It is a direct comparison between your profile, and what an employer or recruiter is looking for. Our scoring algorithm takes into consideration dozens of factors including desired location, salary, skills, occupation, job type, job mode and education. If you feel like your match score is not an accurate reflection of how you suit a job, you can improve your score in real-time by managing your profile and adding the details about you that we may not have yet. When viewing an individual job, you will be shown a list of skills the job requires, and which ones you have in your profile. You can quickly add skills to your profile from a job page and watch your score change. 


It comes as a surprise to most job hunters to learn that the first Uploading your resume is a crucial step to the whole experience. Your resume not only has to look good but also needs to be read clearly by recruitment technology. Our resume quality check gives you honest and open advice without making you feel unbiased. If you’re looking to expand on where you can improve, our resume review can provide free services which will ultimately increase your chances of landing a job.

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