How to deal with an intimidating boss

How to deal with an intimidating boss
When it comes to working, most people will have a boss that provides direction and instruction during work. Bosses usually have plenty of experience in the industry and the knowledge to complete the work. Many people will work closely with their bosses, but some may work farther away from them and not interact as much.

Some people may see their boss as intimidating. Keep in mind that an intimidating boss isn’t the same as a mean boss. Intimidating bosses refers to one that comes across as confident, strong and stoic to the point that it’s hard to interact with that person. People may feel like a single mistake will cause an unstoppable rage from their boss.

While a boss may be intimidating, and that boss may also get angry, there are ways that you can overcome this intimidation. Keep in mind that your boss may not do it on purpose and you simply need to learn how they work. This article will provide you with a few tips to help you deal with an intimidating boss.

Get to Know Your Boss

While this may seem simple, it’s also the most effective. When you get to know your boss, you can identify things about the boss’ personality. For example, your boss may come across as intimidating, but it could be because that boss has a “resting angry face”, but are actually more reserved and relaxed.

You won’t know this unless you get to know your boss. Spend a bit of time watching them and seeing how they react to different situations. Do they treat others with respect? Do they tend to get angry quickly? Are they judging or providing criticism? After all, there’s a difference between judging people and providing constructive criticism.

When you learn how your boss operates and how they think, it makes it easier for you to work as your boss expects you to. You can also ask co-workers about your boss to see what they have to say. They may be able to provide details that you didn’t think of on your own.

Find Out Their Expectations

Every boss will have different expectations than others. Some may focus on customer satisfaction, some may focus on quick work and others may focus on quality. It’s important for you to find out what your boss expects. By meeting those expectations, you can stay on your boss’ good side and not feel as intimidated.

To explain further, many people feel intimidated when they think a person is judging them or upset with them. By knowing your boss’ expectations, you can meet those expectations and alleviate that stress. This will make your life easier and less stressful while providing the same for your boss.

Talk With Them

Simply talking with someone can fix various problems. Many people are intimidated by things that they don’t understand. You can find out many details by talking with your boss. You can also discuss any problems or concerns you have in an attempt to address those issues and gain further understanding for yourself.

Depending on how intimidated you are, it may take courage to talk with your boss, but that’s okay. By talking with your boss, you can become less intimidated and overcome those issues. After all, you’re both there to work as a team and to accomplish the necessary goals for you both to succeed.

Final Notes
While some bosses might be intimidating and not mean, some may be both. If this is the case, it’s important for you to figure out if the work environment is one that you can effectively work in. While intimidation can make things harder for you, keep in mind that intimidation can be alleviated over time, with understanding and with experience.

Continue to build up that relationship with your boss so that you can have an enjoyable work environment. After all, if you’re constantly worrying as you work, that doesn’t benefit anyone. Work hard and overcome that intimidation so that you can feel safe and successful at the place that you work.

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