Comparing Power Prices to Avoid Paying Too Much

Comparing Power Prices to Avoid Paying Too Much

Electricity prices have become a topic of concern for many Australians, with the cost of power rising across the country in recent years. Several states in Australia have privatised electricity, opening energy providers up to full retail competition, which means it is possible for many Australians to get better deals on electricity prices by simply comparing the prices of different providers.

Since Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT have opened their electricity markets up to competition, it has become possible for electricity consumers in those states to shop around for the best prices.  Residents of the states that have privatised electricity providers are able to research the various companies and power plans available to them to compare electricity costs.

Electricity has become a necessity of modern life, and an unavoidable expense for households and individuals. For jobseekers and all other consumers hoping – or needing – to reduce the cost of the various essentials of life, the price of electricity is an important area to potentially make significant savings.

Household electricity bills can be reduced by taking steps to reduce power consumption, such as improving housing insulation to cut the cost of heating and cooling, and investment in renewable energy technologies such as solar panels. There are, however, limits to how much individuals and homes can reasonably reduce electricity consumption, so examining the options for cheaper power is a very sensible option.

In a privatised market that allows for competition between electricity providers and different options for consumer billing and purchasing of power, it makes good sense for all energy consumers to compare their electricity provider to the other available electricity plans on the market. With a range of options available to energy consumers, and soaring power prices across the market, it is an ideal time for all Australian households to do an electricity comparison to determine whether you could be saving money on your power bills.

Unlike some other goods and services, the quality and reliability of electricity in the Australian market remains the same, regardless of how much – or how little – it costs. There is no reason, therefore, to pay more for a service that is the same across energy providers and services.

The variability in power providers’ electricity packages gives consumers a great deal of choice, and no reason not to take advantage of those options. Finding the best power package is made incredibly simple with iSelect, who can compare the market to find their customers the most competitive deals and the cheapest electricity

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