Is being late ever ok?

Is being late ever ok?

“I’m often 10 minutes late for work, but take a shorter lunch break/stay late to make up for it. Is this okay?”

Craig Sneesby, Managing Director, U&U, Executive Recruitment Partners
Every organisation will have set working hours. If you can’t meet the expected hours of work then you really need to have the conversation with your manager and look for a more flexible arrangement. Most employers are flexible given so many people are working much longer hours in a standard week. Be open and honest and there really shouldn’t be too many issues.

Nicole Underwood, Managing Director, Nicoleunderwood
Being late can be perceived as disrespectful and unprofessional. It can impact your team’s view of you, especially if they are picking up the slack. Speak to your manager about negotiating different start and finish times or plan your schedule more effectively to ensure you’re on time.

Peter Noblet, Senior Regional Director, Hays
In general it is not okay to be 10 minutes late. You should definitely avoid being habitually late as it can damage your reputation. Whatever the reason for the late arrival, it is important to communicate with your manager and express your regret. Try to break the news to your boss before anyone else does. You do not want to have your manager hear from someone else that you are late again. If it is poor time management that results in your regular late arrival, then try to change your behaviour. Try getting up earlier, investigating alternative routes to work with less traffic or preparing your work clothes the night before.

Michelle Bentley, General Manager, Donington (Sa), Transition And Outplacement
What does your manager think? Have they spoken to you or is there general acceptance of flexi time? Talk with your manager to be clear on expectations. However, a clearly stated starting time should be just that ““ the time you start work, and not 10 minutes later. This demonstrates poor discipline, poor organisational and time management skills, is disrespectful to company rules and policy and takes for granted others who start on time who may cover for you in your absence.

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