How to research wages and salaries

Listed below are several websites where you can search for wage and salary information for a specific job.

If you don’t find what you want, other methods include checking with your union or an industry or professional association, as these groups track salaries so ask for their latest research. If you know someone doing the job you are interested in, ask away. Obviously you cannot ask someone outright: “How much do you earn?” However, you can ask the person to provide a salary “range” for a specific job.

If you are already in a job, it’s okay to ask HR to give you a salary range for your role. I have done this when preparing a pitch for a pay rise. Job ads are a possibility however; most employers are reluctant to include salary in their ad for a variety of reasons.

Award Wages


The Fair Work Online website includes “Pay Scale Summaries” which are tables of award wages. Go to the Fair Work Online and click on the “Rates of Pay” tab and then make your choice. The minimum awards are listed in A-Z lists under the link “Finding a pay scale summary – the search tool”. Remember, it is the award not the role that you will need to search so you will need to surf around a bit if you don’t know what award you fall under.

Any questions for the Fair Pay Commission about not getting paid the award, call the Workplace Info line on 1300 363 264.

Other links to use include:


Visit NSW Industrial Relations – Awards You will find award information plus a range of other info including a Young People at Work section. The help line is 131 628


Visit Wageline. You can find info on an “A-Z” list of State-based award wages – although the trick sometimes is figuring out which award you fall under. There is also a page on the minimum award, the rights and obligations of both employers and employees, a section for apprentices and more. The help line is 1300 369 945.


So far we have only found a good site for young people. Youth Central is a Victorian Government website designed for people aged 12 to 25. Click on “Jobs & Careers”, then “Employment Rights” then “Getting paid the right amount”. It also has a link to the ACTU youth page.

Non-Award Salary information

In addition to asking people in the job role you want to research or who are in HR, using a Salary Survey is another way to research what your role is worth. We already provide a link to the Hays Salary Survey, which is prepared with the input of hundreds of employers and candidates. See the other surveys below.

Salary Surveys

AC People – 500 different job roles from “A” (Accountants, Actors etc) to “Y” (Youth workers) and some amazing variety in between. Go to the website and look down the list on the top right hand side of the home page and click on “Salary Survey”.

Media Alliance – Go to this site and click on Resources to view awards for journalists, cinema workers and ticketing agents, events and outdoor workers, actors, media, film & TV technicians.

Peoplebank –  IT salaries. Go to the website and click on “What salary?” link in the “Candidates” box on the home page.

Robert Half Finance & Accounting – Go to this site and look down the right hand side of the home page and click on Global Financial Salary Guide.

Michael Page Australia Go to this website and then scroll to the bottom and click on “Find out what your worth”. Surveys include Legal, Finance, HR, Marketing, Engineering & Manufacturing, Procurement & Supply Chain, Mining, Sales, Property & Construction, Technology, Finance Services.

Robert Walters. Go to this site and click on the Salary Survey link at the top left hand side of the home page. Go to this site and click on the Salary Survey link at the top left hand side of the home page. You will need to scroll down the survey to see all the sections. Sections cover Banking, Accounting, Finance, Commerce, Engineering & Operations, Sales & Marketing, Secretarial Support & Call Centre.

Ambition. Surveys on accounting & finance, technology and governance and CFO markets. Go to the site and click on the “Market Trends & Salary Surveys” link in the middle of the home page.

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