Aimee Brown

A love for science, combined with a desire to make a difference, inspired Zoe James, 25, to become a chiropractor.

After completing a degree in Medical Science, the Double Bay chiropractor initially pursued a career in neurochemistry, but found the life of a researcher too unpredictable.

“I didn’t have the stability or flexibility to do things because you continually have to apply for grants for funding.

I needed a balance and also something that stimulated me mentally,” she says. The fact that every chiropractor she had ever met — on both a personal and professional level — appeared to love the job, played a significant part in her deciding to work in the field.

“Every chiropractor I ever met was fulfilled,” she says.
James went on to complete a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Master of Chiropractic Studies at Macquarie University.

She says chiropractors focus on treating physical problems with non-surgical methods. “The main philosophy is that the body really does want to stay well and heal. It’s not inherently self-destructive,” she says. “We treat subclinical things, which often manifest in tiredness and fatigue or a low-immune system.”

Knowing she is making a difference in people’s lives is one of the job’s rewards. She says: “You treat people and they are just amazed at the results. You have to have faith in the human body. It is an amazing thing. We’re just helping it along.”

A part-owner of the Holographic Health clinic, James works side by side with physiotherapists, massage therapists and functional neurologists. “We all have our own specialities,” she says. “Mine is cranial manipulation, which affects the central nervous system. People have the option to choose when they come in here. When it comes to their own health they want the best. We offer three or four very good treatments to each patient.”

All the professionals at the clinic also work closely with other medical specialists, such as dentists, orthopedic surgeons and doctors, James explains. “If we identify a root problem that relates back to their specialisation, then we will refer [patients] on.”

How to be a … chiropractor
In NSW you need to study a three-year Bachelor Degree in Chiropractic Science followed by a Master’s Degree in

Chiropractic Studies. Contact the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (NSW),
02 4722 6811 or

By Aimee Brown, The Daily Telegraph, April 22, 2006.

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