Words that drive executive recruiters away

Words that drive executive recruiters away

There are words you should exclude in your resume to increase your job search success. These words can make you miss your dream job despite meeting all the qualifications. As a job seeker, you must remember that the job market is highly competitive, and thus you should avoid words that could cost you a job. Renowned resume writers can let you know the list of words that drive executive recruiters’ away. You only have a couple of minutes to impress recruiters with your resume. Therefore, it is imperative to use meaningful words to stand out from other applicants.


Here are words to avoid when writing your resume.


Creative: Job seekers often use this word. Surprisingly, everyone thinks they are creative, but only a few people are in a real sense. Besides, creative people aren’t hunting for jobs. Recruiters overlook the word “creative” because a significant number of job seekers can’t prove their creativity.


Enthusiastic: More than two-thirds of job seekers use this word. Recruiters are used to the word “enthusiastic” to the point that it doesn’t make sense anymore. You can’t apply for a job if you aren’t enthusiastic. Therefore, including the word in your resume is unnecessary.


Experienced: Instead of saying you are experienced, show your experience in a separate section. List down the type of jobs you have previously done and explain every activity clearly. After listing down your previous employers and job descriptions, there is no need to say you are “experienced.”


Motivated: You are already showing your motivation by sending your resume. If at all, you aren’t motivated, you would have continued staying at home. If you have submitted an attractive resume, then that’s a clear indication to show that you are motivated.


Result-oriented: Maybe this could have made sense in the past, but not in the current generation. Any company is looking to hire result-oriented individuals. Instead of saying you are result-oriented, show it in your resume.


Team player: Today, every organisation is searching for individuals who can uphold team spirit. Instead of saying it, explain a situation in which you were a reliable team player. After all, almost every job seeker claims they are a team player, but they can hardly prove it.


Determined: If you are truly determined, make your resume outstanding. After going through several resumes, recruiters can tell determined applicants and those who are not.


Think outside the box: This is one of the most commonly used phrases that recruiters hear now and then. Make your resume exceptional by avoiding this phrase. Instead, use unique words such as ‘developed’ or ‘created.’


Hardworking: No one will ever admit that they are not hardworking. In fact, being a hard worker doesn’t make you stand out because an organization expects a successful candidate to be resourceful. Instead of saying you are a hard worker, prove yourself a resourceful person in your resume by listing down your achievements.


Dynamic: The word ‘dynamic’ describes your personality rather than your work skills. It is daunting for recruiters to prove your outgoing personality. Your employer can only understand your personality during the interview process or after working with you for a considerable amount of time. Alternatively, show your energetic personality during the interview.


Quick problem solver: Every company is looking for individuals with problem-solving skills. However, a recruiter can hardly tell whether you are a problem solver or you just used the word for the sake of it. Rather than using the word, describe a situation where you utilised your skills to solve a work problem.


As a job seeker, it is prudent to be selective when writing your resume. Avoid words and phrases that can hardly be proved.

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