What do hiring managers look for in a resume?

What do hiring managers look for in a resume?

Did you know that it takes less than 30 seconds for a hiring manager to make a decision on your resume? So what are they actually looking for in those 30 seconds?

Most people would probably say, “key words” or “proven experience” and that’s only partly true. Although experience can be important, hiring managers are also looking for things that determine a cultural fit and what it is that makes you unique.

The purpose of an interview is so that employers can meet with candidates and determine whether they like them and can work with them, so experience isn’t always the be all and end all.

To determine cultural fit and what makes you unique, hiring managers will look at your extra-curricular activities and also your achievements. Not including your achievements for each employer can be a huge disadvantage because it doesn’t tell the reader how you’re any different from any one else that is also doing your job or has done it before.

Since you only have 30 seconds to impress, it’s important that your information is placed in the right areas and easy to locate. Qualifications should be at the start of your resume and remember to keep your employment in reverse chronological order (the most recent job at the top). Projects and achievements should be easily found under the relevant employer so that the reader isn’t trying to work out which projects and achievements belong where.

Also remember, how you present your resume is how the hiring manager thinks you will represent the company. Investing some time into presentation and proof reading is essential to demonstrate your excellent communication skills and to stand out from other applicants.


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