The power of a follow up note

The power of a follow up note

Getting an invitation to a job interview is a huge first step in landing that dream opportunity. No matter how well the interview goes, there is a common etiquette to how business is conducted and a follow up note is an essential component.

Even if you think you’ve aced the interview, there are no guarantees. Letting your potential employer know that you appreciate the opportunity is important. Though it might seem like a small part of the interview, writing a proper follow up note after a huge interview can do a number of things.

A proper follow up note includes a number of simple formalities. These include a basic thank you for the opportunity, any follow ups to things discussed in the interview and a link or two to any profiles or pages that might be relevant to the job. The note should be short and succinct and not sound too desperate overall. The key is to be a thankful interviewee and appreciative of the opportunity.

Many people might ask why this is such an important thing to do overall. There are a number of reasons why this is true. The first thing that it does is let your potential employer know that you are serious about the position. The number of people applying for the job may be quite extensive, so there is no reason to not at least try to go above and beyond the basic applicant.

Another reason is because it reminds the interviewing party of your existence. If there are a ton of applicants, it might be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Not only are you being polite, you are bringing your own interview to the forefront of the employer.

This is also an ample opportunity to ask any follow up questions from the interview or bring any additional information to the table. The fact that you are actively concerned with the company or individual’s well being is also taken into account. Going above and beyond the norm is really a huge part of getting the job at the end of the day.

Also, there are additional benefits to being courteous to potential employers. Even if you do not get the job, there may be further opportunities in the future. By extending your hand even after the interview, you will have a quick leg up on other applicants. The boss may refer you to another company because of this basic gesture.

Finally, this might prove to be a great way to hear about the future of the position. In addition, it is a transparent way to hear some feedback in what you might have done right or wrong in the interview whether or not you are actually hired.

Overall, there is absolutely no reason not to extend yourself even after the interview with this simple gesture. You will not only be seen representing yourself in a classy manner but you will likely help yourself in the future. It is important not to get too arrogant about any interview and this follow up note is a great way to showcase your ability to say thanks as well as add any additional info.

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