The 5 worst personality traits that can ruin your interview

The 5 worst personality traits that can ruin your interview

Interviews are the most essential part of the job search process. They allow potential employers to see first hand the skills you possess and the personality you give off. It allows the employer to get a better overall of who you are and allows you to get a better idea overall of who the employer is.

There are some personality traits that employers may pick up on in interviews that are a major turn-off. These turn-off personality traits are often deal breakers for the potential employee. Continue reading below to learn more about five personality traits that you should not display during a job interview.

1. Arrogance

Confidence is always a great personality trait, but at times, it can go too far. Arrogance is rated as the most offensive personality trait among all human resource managers. Do not be a know it all, because in a new job, you really do not know it all.

Focus on facts if you are asked about accomplishments. Show your ability to learn by appearing vulnerable. This is not a bad thing. Show that you have grown and that you are continuing to grow if you are asked about your weaknesses or about times that you have failed.

2. Dishonesty

Honesty is key in any job you will possess. Dishonesty is the second highest personality trait that human resource managers consider a dealbreaker after arrogance. You should want to be honest about your past experiences and allow the managers to believe that you will be honest in your future experiences.

Do not over-exaggerate on your job documents and during the interview. Stick to the facts and show off your best self. Do not embellish your past experiences. As soon as a manager finds out about the dishonesty, you will no longer be a candidate for the job.

3. Unreliability

Your teammates and your managers will expect you to be reliable at a new job. Being reliable means that you are trustworthy. The ability to be trusted is essential at any job. Most human resource managers say that unreliability is a dealbreaker.

Your actions will always speak louder than your words. Act in a way that shows that you can be trusted during the interview. Respond about the interview in a punctual way and ensure that you are there in plenty of time and early. Do not state that you are reliable; let the manager see that themselves.

4. Close-mindedness

Most managers appreciate a creative and innovative employee. Be willing to try new things and willing to be creative when interviewing for a new job. It is important to not dismiss creativity as unnecessary or as an added burden of a job.

Open-mindedness can be shown by asking questions at the end of the interview. Research prior to the interview to ask questions about processes of the company. Be excited about the responses and share how you can add to these processes. Be willing to learn new ideas, and be willing to contribute new ideas.

5. Immorality

Many managers make assumptions about an interviewee’s moral compass during the interview. Corruption and immorality can destroy a workplace, which is why immorality is such a concern to managers. Eliminate worry to managers and supervisors of immorality during the interview.

An employer can discover immorality based assumptions based upon times you were fired in the past or your social media accounts. Ensure that you look at your social media accounts to make sure there is nothing incriminating. Delete any posts that may be cause for concern by managers.

Hiring managers and human resource managers will take a lot of preparation in determining who they want to hire for their organisation. They will reject any candidate who is not the right fit for their place of business. If you act as if the best employee you could imagine, you will have no problem becoming the right candidate.

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