Signs you’ve aced a job interview

Signs you’ve aced a job interview

How can you tell if a job interview went well? While there’s usually a sense of relief once a job interview is over, the uncertainty that comes along can be daunting. Days after your meeting, you can go mad trying to analyse your performance.

Maybe you paused before answering the third question, or you made a cringe-worthy statement you wish you could take back. Although you can never be 100% certain which way your recruiter is leaning, there are a few signs that show you aced your interview.

These include:

1. The interviewer has a positive body language
Even though your interviewer acts professional, their body language is a tell-tale sign that your interview is going well. For instance, leaning forward, smiling, and making eye contact are all signs that your interviewer is interested and engaged in what you’re saying.

Similarly, positive affirmations such as “mhmm” statements and head nods show you’re doing well.

2. The interview runs longer than planned
Interview schedules are usually a tight fit since interviewees can be slotted in between office commitments such as meetings. Hence, when your interview runs longer than 30 minutes, it’s a sign they think you’re an ideal fit for the applied role.

However, this is mainly dependent on the context. For example, an interview may run over because the interviewer feels like you’re not giving clear answers, prompting them to repeat questions. In contrast, when an interviewer dives into a variety of topics, it’s a good sign.

3. Your interviewer introduces you to other team members
Introducing every candidate to team members during a marathon in-person interview can be exhausting. Therefore, once your interviewer starts introducing other team members to you, it shows they like you and want other decision-makers to weigh in.

Additionally, it indicates that you’re being evaluated as a potential workmate. Being friendly to every team member can create a good first impression for you.

4. They talk about the future with you in it
Since interviewers don’t like to give much away, they speak in general terms such as “the person in this role will be in charge of communication.” But, once they see you’re well suited for the job, their word choice gives away.

For example, look at these two statements:

• “When you begin working for us…”
• “If you begin working for us….”

The former is a positive affirmation which shows the interviewer would like to have you join their company. Other verbal cues that show an interviewer envisions your future at their firm includes:

• “This is where you’ll be working”.
• “You will be leading this project”.

5. Asking you to get in contact
Usually, interviewers don’t encourage any future communication when they know you aren’t the ideal candidate for the role. If the interviewer passes on their business cards and contact details, encouraging you to call with any questions, it’s a great sign you’re the right candidate.

6. Providing clear next steps
Getting precise details on the next steps discloses an employer’s interest in hiring you. For example, when an interviewer says “we’ll reach out to you next week with an offer,” you’ve aced your interviewer. But, this may also indicate an organisation has a thorough professional recruitment process.

One way you can differentiate between the two is by the phrase used. For instance, “we’ll get back to you” expresses disinterest while “when are you available for a training session” indicates interest.

7. Casual chit chat
Interviews are very professional, and interviewers stick to essential questions about the business to determine whether you’re qualified for a position. Hence, casual questions about your personal life, hobbies, or interests are a great sign.

Also, a friendly conversation after the interview indicates your interviewer is impressed. Whether it’s at the hallway as you leave or while waiting, a friendly discussion shows a genuine interest in getting to know you better.

8. You feel a rapport with the interviewer
Lastly, a critical factor in analysing your interview is your rapport with your interviewer. You can always tell when you click with someone by how smooth the conversation flows and how comfortable you are during the interview.

Small laughs here and there and a witty grin show you’re acing your interview.

So, consider these signals, and you’ll be able to tell how successful your interview was.

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