Signs you’re in a toxic work environment

Signs you’re in a toxic work environment

People sometimes find themselves in good paying positions, but then they face lots of negativity and problems in the workplace. Even if you make plenty of money, your job may not be worth the effort if you work in a toxic environment. If you can’t tell whether or not you’re in a toxic environment, then you should keep your eyes open for these red flags.

Negative Leaders

The leadership at your workplace will have a large impact on the work environment as a whole. If they focus on you and do their best to provide a good work environment, then that will happen. However, if you have selfish leaders that only worry about covering themselves, then you are most likely in a toxic environment.

For example, negative leaders will gladly betray you if it will help them to get further in the work force. You will also notice that these leaders lie, get angry and are overly demanding about the job. Instead, you should seek out leaders that want to improve the business while making the job smooth for their team members.

Passive-Aggressive Behaviour

Passive-aggressive behaviour involves people that do their best to appear nice or not bothered, but they do things with malicious intent. This involves appearing nice on the surface while the person makes rude remarks that don’t directly state anything against you. However, they still intend to hurt your feelings with those comments.

For example, they may know that you wrote a report, so they make a negative comment about it so they can indirectly insult you. If people in your workplace constantly make passive-aggressive comments, then you should say something about. If your leaders do it, or if the problem doesn’t get resolved, then you are probably in a toxic environment.

Low Morale

Remember that emotional health is an important part of a good work environment. If your workplace has constant low morale, then this is a sign of toxicity. Low morale can happen for various reasons, such as poor management, high levels of stress that lead to little or no success and constant arguing or anger among your coworkers.

If your workplace has low morale constantly, then you could be in a toxic workplace. Keep in mind that low morale will happen occasionally, so you shouldn’t leave your job just because of a few bad days. However, if every day causes you to feel dread or negativity, then you may be working in a place with consistently low morale.

Poor Working Conditions

Keep in mind that toxicity can involve your physical work environment as well. If you don’t feel safe or protected while at work, then this will distract you from your job. For example, if you work somewhere that doesn’t provide proper ventilation or air conditioning, then it could cause some serious health problems for you.

Your job should be a place where you don’t have to worry about your physical well-being, so it should provide you with everything that you need to remain safe. If you work somewhere that causes you to constantly worry about danger and your health, then this could be a toxic environment that won’t do you any good.


You will sometimes face difficult situations, stress and negativity in the workplace, but those points aren’t the same thing as toxicity. Toxicity is when you have such a poor work environment that it takes a physical, mental and emotional toll on you. If you notice these signs in your work environment, then you should look into finding a better job.

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