Questions to ask while networking

Questions to ask while networking

Have you ever been to a networking event and found yourself clueless because you cannot have meaningful and fruitful conversations with the people there? Or tried to make small talk only for the conversation to end up in awkward silence? This article will provide you with a list of questions that you can use to build on the conversation and connect with the right people.

Ask Them How They Knew about the Event

Establishing common ground with your counterpart is usually the best way to start the conversation. The first and most important thing you should remember at such events is that the occasion is what connects you both. Capitalize on this fact and speak about some of the things you noticed at the event. The food, wine, or music. Anything within reason of course.

Asking them how they got invited can open doors to many other possible discussion topics.

“Where Are You From?”

If your counterpart has an accent that you recognise, or have a connection with, this is the question to ask. Discovering that you share your roots with somebody else that you have just met could be the bond you needed to get the conversation going.

If the Event is for a Launch, ask them how their job is connected to that industry

When the time for serious talk comes, this question would be the perfect way of transitioning from small talk. This question will help you

insight into the type of work that those people do. The question will also make your counterpart more relaxed because they are talking about something they are very comfortable with.

Ask them about a Typical Day at Work

People love to talk about their jobs especially if it’s something they love. Therefore, take a leap of faith and ask them what a typical day at the office looks like. It will give you a clear picture of what the job is all about.

“What Do You Think The Future Of This Industry Is?”

This question can have you and partner talking for hours. However, prepare yourself in advance so that you can contribute to the conversation. There is no point in asking this question if all you are going to do is nod as your counterpart speaks. As they talk, think over their words and gauge them to see if you agree with them or not. You can throw in your opinion and don’t be shy to share your ideas too.

Ask Them What They Enjoy Doing Most In Their Jobs

Put them in a good mood by asking them what they enjoy most about their roles at work. This will also give you a good picture of what the role entails and whether you would be interested in it.

“How do you keep up with changes in your industry?”

With so much innovation going on around us, it would be helpful to know how your counterpart keeps up with those changes. Do they research the internet daily or occasionally? You can ask about site suggestions to show that you are also interested in the topic.

Do You Have Any Funny Encounters From The Job That You Are Willing To Share?

This question will brighten up the conversation. Remember to judge the situation and act accordingly. Some people may frown at this question. So, if you feel like it’s appropriate, go for it. The question will also give you a chance to gain that connection with a warm and more relaxed chat. Chip in and share your experiences, and your personality will show.

Ask For Their Contact or Business Card

The time to reinforce the connection you have just made has come. What better way to do this than asking for their contact? This will help you remain in contact with them even after the event.

As you courageously network with people, remember to act naturally. The people you meet may be strangers but they can still help if you get to know them well. Be professional and let your personality get that one more contact for you.

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