Off To An Interview? Watch Your Body Language

Off To An Interview? Watch Your Body Language

Off To An Interview? Watch Your Body Language

You know the saying ““ first impressions count! It’s not just about how you dress or how well you come across on paper.

First impressions and lasting impressions include how you act, interact and behave when meeting and engaging with your future employer.

Six Body Language Tips

  1. Enter the room confidently. When you meet your interviewer for the first time, hold your head up and put on a smile. Interviews can be daunting, but if you go into it anticipating the worst, your body language will reflect this attitude. Be positive!
  2. In any professional environment a handshake can say a lot about you. Keep it firm and don’t over do it.
  3. Pay big attention to your posture. Good posture will tell your interviewer that you are confident and have a strong personality. Poor posture could be interpreted as lazy and lacking interest.
  4. Avoid fidgeting, tapping your feet or playing with your hair. These actions demonstrate a lack of confidence and are distracting.
  5. Make and keep eye contact so you can connect with your interviewer to assure them you have the skills, qualifications and/or experience to be successful in the role. It might be a little uncomfortable at first but it is important. Use other body expressions that demonstrate interest or confirm your understanding such as nodding, tilting your head or raising your eyebrows.
  6. Don’t cross your arms. Crossing your arms in front of you indicates defensiveness, resistance, aggressiveness or a closed mind. Use your hands to be expressive when you are talking and when not speaking keep your hands folded in your lap.

You might answer all the questions fired at you during an interview but if your body language is sloppy, your overall image may be perceived in this way too. Don’t miss your opportunity to shine because of poor body language.

Article by Kerri Peterson ““ Director, My Resume Builder

My Resume Builder is an online Resume builder enabling 100s of students to create a professional Resume the way Australian employers like it. All you need to do is select your Resume design, answer a few questions, edit example answers to create your professional Resume and start applying. It’s that easy.

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