Need more time? How to automate your everyday life?

Need more time? How to automate your everyday life?

We live in the 21st century where automation is essential, and it’s about time we start letting our devices take care of mundane tasks.

The easiest way to automate your life is through the internet of things; This is very simple, yet it’s relatively huge. The internet of things is just connecting internet-accessible devices to the internet. Any device capable would be connected to the internet, such as smartphones and laptops.

If you want to hire staff in Australia but don’t know where to start, it is essential to find the right software. As an employer, you need to consider all the factors of production to maximise your company’s output. Thankfully, several apps and software can help you on your journey.

Here we have listed some of the best hiring software websites and apps that would be critical in helping you through your journey.

Waltham App – A complete HR solution with all the functions and features available

Waltham aims to be the world’s most complete and comprehensive enterprise-wide HR software platform. With Waltham, you can manage many aspects of your business, from recruitment, contract management, career management, and benefits administration to controlling access to your computer and tracking workers’ use of information technology hence crucial in running a company.

Australian Hire – A simple and easy to use solution for hiring labor in Australia

Australian Hire was initially founded by a group of lawyers working in the recruitment industry who wanted to create a more efficient way for businesses to hire staff. The Australian Hire software helps businesses save time and money, especially when compared to traditional recruiting methods.

RecruitBox – A software that is critical in hiring employees with extra benefits

RecruitBox is an HR and recruitment software for recruitment agencies and Australia’s largest employment agency. The software includes a cloud-based Job Posting/Job Board, Recruitment Card, and Job Application features. RecruitBox also allows you to manage your clients, create a Job Campaign, and access bulk data such as employment trends in Australia.

Labour Hire – A software that is tailored to the labor-hire industry in Australia

Labour Hire was developed with small businesses and contractors in mind. The software includes features like online job boards and social media posting to help you manage your employees. It also tracks your invoices and helps you manage your staff leave requests, an essential feature for companies that require contractors or employees on short-term contracts.

As an employee, factors of accessibility, productivity, and accountability are critical factors to consider to improve and uphold a good reputation at your workplace. Luckily, there are various apps to smoothen your way. Some of these are;

#1 Google Calendar
This free service is excellent for personal calendar management and scheduling events. I have personally used it for booking holidays, appointments, birthdays, and more.

#2 Google Maps (Free)
Google Maps helps you find your way around, providing excellent automation features. You can set your preferred destination on Google Maps and choose the route you want. The app will then use your goal to help you navigate through the city/towns listed in your ‘custom directions.’

#3 Redbus (3 months free)
This app allows you to book tickets for public transport easily, saving you money and time. It’s a great app to use when traveling, especially if you’re using the official app.

#4 Google Translate (Free)
This app is one of those apps that should be on everyone’s smartphone or tablet. Whether to translate an entire website or a single word, Google Translate is a must-have.

#5 Automatic ($2.99 per month)
This app is excellent for all of you with a car constantly forgetting to fill up or check on your oil levels. It will also let you know when it’s time to change your spark plugs or if there’s something wrong with your car.

#6 Uber (Free)
Uber is one of those apps that you can use both as a passenger and driver, providing you have a valid credit card. If not, Uber will charge your card $200AUD every time you request and return a ride, which isn’t suitable for credit cards with high-interest rates.

Automation is becoming essential with the increasing amount of work.

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