How to stay happy at work

How to stay happy at work

Work can be a way to make money, work can be a passion, work may be something to keep busy. Whether going to a job 10 hours a week or 80 hours a week, an important aspect to keep in mind is happiness within the workplace. Work does not need to be miserable and in fact, can become a source of happiness for many. There are multiple ways to stay both happy and productive at work.

The first way to stay happy at work is to positively communicate with everyone within the workplace. A positive attitude can be hard to initiate but can start with something as simple as a smile or saying “hello” to someone new. Becoming friends with co-workers can make workdays filled with more positive interactions and happiness. Even if co-workers do not become friends it is important to communicate with others, especially those with similar interests. A co-worker who has things in common within the workplace can benefit happiness levels through communication. Not only can additional communication lead to improved happiness, but it has the potential to lead to job advancements.

Another way to stay happy at work is to genuinely find ways to make the workdays better. Maybe Friday could be a day to meet with a friend during lunch or get a favourite coffee. It can be challenging to be productive in the workplace if not happy and if not comfortable. A very important thing to keep in mind is how comfortable one is at work. If the desk chair is uncomfortable, this can lead to a sore neck/back. A new desk chair or insert could help improve posture and overall comfort. If someone is on their feet all day they may want to consider more comfortable shoes or inserts to help make the workday more pleasant. It would be important to communicate with the employer if there is something that could be done to improve the environment or ways to safely implement better body dynamics. Making sure that one is comfortable can most definitely contribute to overall happiness at the end of the day.

Lastly, a way to stay happy at work is to leave work at work. Time away from work should not be used to focus on work. For example, a weekend off should be used to help reset the mind and prepare it for a new work week. It is nearly impossible to fill others “cup” when one cannot fill their own. It is essential to take time off of work to focus on what is important to oneself. Time off of work is meant to help prepare and gain positive energy. Taking time to spend with friends/family, exercising, chores, and doing simple tasks are all effective ways to improve happiness when returning to work. When given personal time, this can help reset and refuel for the next shift. Ultimately, this is a useful tool to improve overall happiness and make work feel more enjoyable than before.

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