How To Plan Your Day When Working From Home?

Wondering how to structure and plan your working routine at home? Well for some, working from home may seem like the dream and for others it can be quite tormenting not having a structure to their day and squandering away hours without getting anything done at the end of the day. It can be so hard to stick to a regime where you don’t have any set time constraints and aren’t rushing out the house to catch your early morning commute.

So, here are 7 tips to help boost that extra bit of productivity and stay on track during the workday.

Organise your workspace: If you want to have a well-structured day, you first need to dedicate an area in your home that will allow you to focus and avoid distractions. Keep your workspace organised and free of clutter, to help keep your mind on the right track and organised.

Utilise a to-do list: Writing the tasks down on a planner that you need to complete each day and ticking them off as you go, can really help to keep you on target. If you don’t have a planner… that’s okay, create your own! Anything that will help you visually see what you need to accomplish in the day can really take you a long way.

Get Dressed: Yes, there can be stereotypes of a telecommuter working from home in their pyjamas. While, you can do that you probably shouldn’t. Establish a morning routine that includes getting up and preparing for the day almost like you would when getting ready to go into work. You’ll find yourself more mentally ready for a day ahead.

Take Breaks: Ensure you are taking a few breaks throughout the day, whether this means to stretch your legs, make yourself a warm cup of coffee. It is so important to do this in order to recharge and keep you well-balanced, giving you the opportunity to take in the work you produced.

Remove Distractions: Most of us are for sure guilty of this. So, if you are one that just fails to keep their hands off their phone and try to fit in a quick scroll through your Instagram feed … just simply take it away. Lock your phone in your drawer, remove it from your sight and only take it out if you must make an important call/message or meeting.

Don’t Overwork Yourself: It’s easy to overwork yourself after the day is complete, as there are no time constraints of leaving your home of course, rather than an office. Therefore, quit working when the day is done, force yourself to stop to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, reflect back at what you achieved throughout the day and reward yourself with a pat on the back and possibly a little treat … chocolate perhaps?

Review the Day: Reflect back on the day, test to see whether these worked for you in better planning your work and remaining on top of your tasks, and if need be making some modifications and get back into it the next day with a positive attitude.

You may find some of these tips work for you better than others, and that’s totally fine. Perhaps, with a little trial and error you’ll soon find yourself getting into a rhythm and having the most ideal structure/plan that is accustomed to your life.

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