How to make your resume stand out

How to make your resume stand out

Getting a job isn’t easy, especially in the digital era when the “next best thing” is only a few clicks away. Recruiters are always on the lookout for new hires, but you have to know how to sell your skills and advocate your talents the right way if you want to stand out in a sea of qualified, educated professionals.

Read Job Listings First

You may think that a resume has to come before you embark on your job hunt, but it should actually be the other way around. When you read job listings for desired positions, you’ll gain a better understanding of what skills and qualifications recruiters are looking for. This will make it much easier to tweak your resume and make sure that you are the perfect fit for the job.

Fine-tuning your resume for the job you want is a much more effective strategy than tossing a resume into a pile of applicants and hoping it sticks out.

Prioritise Your Work Experience

What jobs in your past offered you the most valuable experience or noteworthy achievements? Focus on the careers that made you the most qualified for the job rather than listing everything you’ve done in no apparent order.

Your skills and qualifications are only half of what a recruiter looks for; experience will always help you stand out, even if you’re up against candidates with more education.

Keep It Simple

A resume is not your autobiography; your entire resume should be no longer than one full page for those with up to 10 years of professional experience. Use three to five key bullet points under each past job to list relevant achievements and core responsibilities.

Keep your objective between two to three sentences. Your cover letter is what you should use to explain in greater detail why you are interested in a position.

Work With a Professional

Companies like Careerone make it easy to polish up your resume or build your perfect CV from the ground-up. If you struggle to get any callbacks or interview requests, Careerone can ensure that your resume perfectly illustrates your experience along with your personality to help you land the right position.

Although your resume is only one part of the hiring process, it’s also the most important one. By polishing your resume, you can develop a greater understanding of your strengths and learn how to effectively market yourself to recruiters. When you go on interviews, always bring a copy of your resume with you, and make sure that you have all of its contents memorized.

The purpose of your resume should be to introduce and sell yourself as a candidate, not argue why you’re the best for the job. During the interview, you’ll have a greater opportunity to showcase your personality, delve further into your experience and qualifications and connect with the company on a more personal level.

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