How to be the right fit for your company?

How to be the right fit for your company?

Before going for an interview, numerous job seekers perform a simple online search to learn a thing or two about the company. However, that’s wrong. Such job candidates look at a few key information pieces about the company to excite the hiring manager.

Rather than learning a thing or two about a company on the internet, you should strive to match your skills to those of the company’s team before going for the interview.

It is imperative to know that a company is made up of people and people set objectives, and do the hiring. Therefore, as much as you want the job so badly, it is essential to determine whether the company’s team fits you.

1. Connect to Others in The Organisation

Reaching out to potential colleagues is a brilliant move. If possible, have a cup of coffee with your contacts. During the meeting, ask how it is like to work for the company.

Some of the common questions you should ask are:

“What should I know before starting work?”
“How is the company’s culture?”
“What kind of people do you think are fit for the company?”
“What motivates you to continue working for the company?”
The goal is to familiarise yourself with what happens inside the company rather than relying on the frontal picture you will get from a website. Reach out to a number of current employees to get an inside overview of the organisation. That way, you will confirm whether the company is a great fit for you.

2. Be Internet Savvy

There is no harm in being a warm-hearted stalker. Visit the company’s website and social media platforms to know potential workmates and decision-makers in the organisation.

Check what the company is passionate about and the events they participate in. The goal is to identify key information you can use in the future. Find out whether what they do blends with your passion and interests.

3. Find Out Whether It’s A Match

Numerous people conduct one-sided research. They often look for sweeteners to drop during the interview to impress the hiring team. It is prudent to conduct extensive research to figure out whether you would be the best fit for the organisation. For example, maybe everyone is expected to work on weekends. Will you be okay with that?

What they do and what they don’t want to talk about will give you a clue about the company’s culture. For example, if your potential workmate says that they love the people, dig deep to know what makes them love their colleagues compared to other companies.

4. Give It Your Best

Once you have carried out extensive research and ascertained that you want to work alongside the organisation workers for the next few years, the next thing is to use plenty of information to connect with the company during the interview process.

When you show genuine interest in them, they are likely to be flattered and want to know more about you. Additionally, they will like you and appreciate your efforts. Once you capture their attention, you will be on your way to a striking impression.

The challenging assignment in your career development is to convince a potential employer that you are the best fit for their company. Also, you need to figure out whether you would like to work in such an organisation. Come up with a checklist to ensure you don’t forget about anything important during the interview.

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