5 tips for job hunters

5 tips for job hunters

Even people with a strong skills set and years of experience do not always know how to sell themselves effectively to hiring managers. The following tips may help you show yourself in the best possible light when meeting potential employers.

Research the company:

Interviewers will assume that you have, at the very least, reviewed their organisation’s website, so in order to impress it’s best to expand your research efforts beyond this resource.Use your professional network and industry publications to understand the company’s business priorities, competitors and market position. This will help you translate your expertise into concrete examples of how you can make a difference at the company.

Saying the right amount:

As you respond to interview questions, you do not want to gloss over vital information, but you also do not want to go into too much detail and bore your interviewer.Practise your responses with friends, family or a recruitment consultant if you are using one. They can provide candid feedback that can help refine your answers and ensure they are of an appropriate length.

Watch for cues:

One of the most valuable, and underrated, interviewing skills is the ability to listen, pay attention to, understand and absorb what the other person is saying. Throughout the discussion, interviewers may provide useful clues as to what they are looking for, allowing you to tailor your answers to their requirements.

Be yourself:

While you want to emphasise skills most applicable to the position, be careful not to overstate your case.Not only do you want to avoid stretching the truth, but you also don’t want to be so focused on saying the right thing that you do not give an accurate portrayal of your skills and interests.

Ask questions:

Prepare a few questions before you arrive and write down any additional questions that arise as the conversation progresses. Ask specific questions about a company’s mission, business practices and expectations to determine whether they are realistic and in line with your own preferences.

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