Career steps you can take into the new year

Career steps you can take into the new year

Make 2020 the year that you officially launch your official career move. Assuming that you have chosen an occupation that suits your interests and fits your skills and experience, here are five tips for landing the job you want and building a successful career for years to come. With hard work and commitment, you might even climb the corporate ladder to become a leader.

Study the Job Market

When you decide which positions you want to consider in building your career, check out the job ads in areas where you are willing to work. Decide whether you want to stay local, are willing to travel occasionally, or will relocate to another area or even overseas if necessary. Consider the starting wage you need and the type of company where you would like to be employed. When you have crafted a job description that meets your desired criteria, start a specific job search for positions that meet the criteria to begin targeting your job market.

Update Your Resume

Review your resume to be sure it is updated with job experience, new skills learned, and even volunteerism. Classes taken and languages learned may also be applicable. While some of your activities might not fit into your resume for the position you are seeking, include everything that might showcase your strengths and abilities for the job. Make sure your references and their contact information are up to date and readily accessible by prospective employers. If you plan to transmit your resume electronically, check to see that formatting remains intact.

Enhance Your Credentials

This does not mean to falsely embellish your professional achievements, but to identify any weaknesses or gaps in your work history or training and find ways to fill the gaps. For example, if you want to move into a marketing position but lack agency experience or a college degree in that field, take a class or two and add them to your resume. If sales is your goal, get involved in a community fundraising initiative and include it in your resume to demonstrate your interest in this line of work. Whatever your career goal, there is a good chance you have already been involved indirectly with it, which has fed your interest. But if that is not the case, find ways to get involved to learn more about the business and to impress future hiring managers.

Become a Volunteer or an Intern

While you are probably eager and maybe a little impatient to land your dream job, keep in mind that there may be tough competition from seasoned professionals. To gain more experience and to flesh out your resume, volunteer a few hours each week in a related field. For example, if your ultimate career goal is to work with the national wildlife park system, volunteer at a local nature preserve to learn more from hands-on experience. If becoming a high school science teacher is your goal, become a tutor for kids who need additional help. It is possible the vocation you are seeking may offer internships, which may be paid or unpaid, but they offer the opportunity to learn more about the industry as well as the company you work with. Many companies hire their interns or provide influential references to other businesses that are looking to hire seasoned interns.

Prepare a Strong Application

When you are ready to interview for a job in your career field, go the extra mile to look your best in a professional outfit with neat hair and limited jewellery. Avoid a flashy look; instead, opt for an understated but confident appearance. Make sure that you arrive a few minutes early and take a copy of your resume, even if you submitted one previously, in case there are questions during the interview. Everything about you and your application materials should be organised, neat, purposeful, and impressive. Maintain a composed but relaxed demeanour, and learn something about the company from its online website to show your interest in the organisation and knowledge about its mission and operations.

These five steps can help you land the job you have always wanted. Apply for jobs that match your credentials and give the application process your very best efforts.

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