What to Do When Your Career isn’t Going How You Expect it

Great, you have scored the perfect job in your career industry, so you think. A few days, weeks or months go by, however, and this job maybe is not what you thought it was. You may try to think of what went wrong. Then, you think of what to do by following the tips below.

Just Stay Calm

It is important in this situation to not over-worry yourself or stress yourself out. It may be possible that the poor working situation is only temporary. If this is the case, try to wait it out by relying on your support system to get you through.

If you believe this situation requires a job transition, it is important to remain calm as well. A calm spirit will give you the motivation to continue at your current role and to look for a new role without becoming overly stressed. You can also feel more at peace.

Take a Chance

If the job has unexpected situations that arise soon after starting, you may have to do a reality check. Compare reality with what you thought the job was, and determine if it is worth it. If so, take it slow and learn your new position by taking a chance.

Many individuals have reported a time frame of a year when feeling comfortable in a new position. It is important to monitor your level of stress and happiness every few weeks, however. Make sure that this is somewhere that will not be detrimental to your health.

Meet with the Boss

Speak with your boss by first requesting a meeting with him or her via email or phone. Only meet with the boss after you determine that this is not the right place for you, however. Make sure that there is a not a chance that the boss can make changes.

Try to meet on common ground. Make any transition that has to be made much easier. Take your time to ask the boss questions on your position to ensure you understand it. If your boss seems to want to help you, it may be worth it to stick it out.

Start a Job Search

If you determine that the position is simply not worth it, no matter the timeframe, it is important to begin your job search. Try to reach out to former offers that may have occurred around the same time as the current offer to the current position if you are still relatively new.

Be prepared for difficult interview questions during this job hunt. Interviewers will want to know why you are wanting to leave your current position. Try to keep it simple and honest, while remaining confident in yourself and in the information about the company to which you applied.


At any point, especially if a job is making you unhappy or is detrimental to your health, it is okay to simply leave your current position. You do not have to have another position lined up even. If you are in a toxic environment, it is okay to not even give notice.

Try to remain professional throughout the process of leaving. If necessary, seek out a lawyer if there were law-related concerns. Make sure you are cordial and kind throughout the entire process.

Continue Moving Forward

You do not have to criticise yourself for leaving a toxic or unhappy work environment. It does not matter how long you worked there. Honestly, you probably should not even put that employer on your resume if you were only there for a very short amount of time.

When moving forward, remain confident in your abilities. One bad job situation does not mean you will leave every job you will get in the future. It is possible to find your dream position in your career industry at a company that is healthy and caring towards you.

Final Thoughts

Finding a job that seems to be perfect can be very difficult. Unfortunately, in many instances, these “perfect” jobs turn out to be the direct opposite. In these cases, it is important to take the measures to determine if your position is worth sticking out for or if it worth moving on for.

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