5 ways to stay open for opportunities

5 ways to stay open for opportunities

To attract new opportunities, you have to step outside your comfort zone. There is not a chance that they will find you cozy and cuddled on your couch with a bag of chips. You will have to put yourself out there for networking and visibility, have the right skills, be flexible, and adaptable. Follow the tips below to place yourself on the radar for new opportunities.

Networking with people from your field and beyond is a great way to attract new opportunities. Connect with like-minded people or top-payers from your industry to get your name out there. Also, ensure you are beneficial to those you are looking to connect with by belonging to industry organisations, volunteering, and participating in helping you come across as an expert in your field. An alternative to physical meetings and events is joining online forums and social media groups to connect with people you admire in your industry. While at it, build rapport with them by being genuine and asking sincere questions that may have them thinking about you when an opportunity presents itself.

Develop Your Skills and Keep Them Up-to-date
Consistent professional and personal development increases your chances of attracting new opportunities. Review your unique selling point (USP) from time to time to ensure it evolves and grows as the industry changes, and as you progress in your career. Focus on developing your skills by signing up for extra classes whether full degrees or short courses; read good books, join workshops, or enrol for online study. These are great ways to add to your resume and essential strategies to get ahead in all industries. These developments also inform your networking and education efforts and are effective catalysts of personal growth and satisfaction.

Ensure your Resume and Social Media Profiles are Updated
It is a great idea to keep social media profiles open and updated; that is, whether or not you are content with your current job. Keeping your profiles open and searchable gives hirers and headhunters a hint that you are open to new opportunities and makes it easy for them to contact you. It is also a great idea to add testimonials and endorsements from previous employers and colleagues. Also, ensure that the information across your profiles, cover letter, and resume is consistent.

Keep Up-to-date with the Job Market and Industry News
Keeping an eye on the job market and industry is a great first step to stay open to opportunities. Being in the know ensures you stay on your toes and gives you a chance to nab more opportunities. Analyse new areas that present opportunities and make a strategic plan to stay ahead of the competition. Traditional media, like print magazines and newspapers, broadcast news, and the internet, are valuable news sources.

Give Your Best At Your Current Job
As the saying goes, charity begins at home. This means you can start your quest right where you are by doing your job exemplarily well and exceeding expectations. Creating more value for others in your chosen field results in more success for you and opens you up to greater opportunities in your career. Make a point to create value by delivering what is expected of you and going the extra mile whenever you can. Who knows, you might get a promotion or earn valuable recommendations and reviews. It is crucial to be systematic and intentional in whatever you do as it may increase or decrease your chances of attracting many new opportunities in the future. However, you decide to put yourself out there, be confident, and bring out your best personality to make sure that your name is part of your industry’s conversations.

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