5 ways to improve working relationships

5 ways to improve working relationships

Human beings by nature are social creatures. We need social interaction and relationships to just get through the day. One place where creating and nurturing positive relationships is critical to others and yours’ success is in the workplace. A key to a good business is employees who work together in sync.

You do not need a life coach to learn how to develop better working relationships with your coworkers. There are things you can learn on your own to improve your standing with your peers. Whether it is with your bosses, coworkers, customers, or clients, practicing and incorporating the following five tips into your daily life will not just help your relationship with them, but also improve your everyday live and make you a better person overall.

Be Careful on Social Media

It is not uncommon to be friends with your fellow coworkers on social media. In fact, it can be helpful in building positive relationships with them in the workplace and make it easier for you to communicate with them. Social media can also be a double-edged sword.

Just like with letters, memos, e-mails and text messages, posts on social media lack the nuances that speaking with someone face to face has. Something that you post that was meant to be funny or harmless may seem that way to you, but not to others. Be careful about what you type and think twice before posting anything. This is particularly true when you are upset and needing to vent about work, then it is best to keep it to yourself.

Share and Accept Constructive Criticism

One of the hardest things to do is accept criticism. It takes time and practice to not take it personally and to use other’s feedback to improve yourself and your work. Most times your coworkers are just trying to help, and if you view that help in a positive light and accept it, not only will your own work improve but your relationship with them will as well.

This goes both ways. Give both positive and critical feedback to those around you at work. When everyone at the workplace practices this, everyone improves at their job and in turn will lead to a more successful and happy workplace.

Use Common Courtesy

This may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at how often people forget to use common courtesies, especially with people that you see every day. If you want to build positive relationships in the workplace, you cannot ignore this simple and easy practice.

It can start with simply greeting your coworkers with a friendly “hello” and asking how they are doing. A few words can go a long way in getting your coworkers, bosses, or customers to view you in a better light. Open the door for someone. Help someone pick up things when they drop them. When talking with people at work, maintaining eye contact will help gain their trust. The little things go a long way.

Also, accept that some people may not return this courtesy. In these cases, it is best to remain humble and continue to be courteous to those around you.

Take Responsibility

Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. When you mess up at work, the best thing you can do is own up to it and admit to others you made a mistake.

If you just blame others for your own mistakes, it not only harms the reputation of those around you, but also paints you in negative light. Additionally, blaming others for your mistakes can lead to fights or arguments and when that happens, there very little you can do to fix it. For a better workplace, it is best to always own up to your mistakes.

Maintain Good Mental and Physical Health

Workplaces can also be stressful places. Working long hours, working nights, having deadlines to meet, or having to deal with difficult customers or clients can be draining. This stress is often taken with you when you leave work, follows you home, and affects your personal life as well. This stress can also manifest as physical conditions as well; tiredness, headaches, tight muscles, and changes in weight.

The last thing you want to do is snap at a boss, coworker, or customer. Take your mental and physical health seriously. Set time for yourself to relax and unwind. Practice mindfulness. Do something you enjoy doing every now and then.

Also, exercising and seeing a doctor or therapist regularly will have a noticeable, positive impact on you, your work, and your relationships at work.

There are so many ways you can improve your workplace relationships. The above five are just the tip of the iceberg.

The more you work on building these relationships, the better off your coworkers, your workplace, your customers or clients, and ultimately yourself will be in the end.

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