5 reasons why your job application may not make it

Job-hunting comes with various challenges. It can take you several months or even years without getting the job because of multiple issues.

If you’ve been making several applications without succeeding, you need to go back to the drawing board and analyse the critical issues. Below are factors that could prevent you from getting your dream job.

You Are Not Qualified
If you do not have the right skills, experience or education as the job requires, your applications may not be successful. It mostly happens to people who are new in employment.

If you just completed your education and you are now hoping to get a job, it could be the reason you are not getting the job. Even if you applied for the job knowing that you have the right qualifications, it could not be the case since the company might consider various critical aspects. In this case, you do not have proof that you qualify for the job.

You Are Over-Qualified
Employers scrutinise applications intensively consideration various factors before making the final decision. They want to ensure that each candidate qualifies for the job post.

In most cases, you will apply and never hear from the company if you are over-qualified. This means that you possess higher skills, education or experience than what the company is looking for.

For instance, if you’re applying for an entry-level position and yet, you’ve been employed for several years, the company will rule you out because you are over-qualified.

While no one prevents you from applying for any job, you should always go through the job requirements and check what the company wants before applying. This will help you avoid wasting time applying for such jobs.

You Have No Interest in the Job
Some people apply for jobs without showing much interest, but they expect the company to hire them. This can be evident from the cover letter where the candidate doesn’t show much seriousness in expressing why they need the job. Your potential employer can judge your interest in the job based on how you compose your application letter. If you want a quick response:

• Check how you write your covering letter.
• Let it not be about you only but about what you plan to do for the company.
• Explain what value you will bring to the company.
The hiring process is always intense and critical. That is why employers focus more on the cover letter.

You Do Not Know Much about the Company
If you apply for a job without researching the company, you’re likely to miss out on capturing essential elements in your cover letter. As you send the application, the employer expects you to indicate skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

In some cases, the application should resonate with the company values. If you fail to capture such information, your application may appear invaluable to the employer, and you may not get any positive feedback.

You Have High Expectations
Employers often have a salary threshold when hiring new employees. They send out job openings expecting to get qualified employees with the same salary expectations.

While some employers disclose salary, others do not, but they expect you to indicate what you expect in salary and other benefits when sending your application.

If you’ve sent out applications without getting any feedback, it is because you ask more than the company can afford.

The Bottom Line
Looking for a job can be the most frustrating thing in the formal sector. However, do not give up no matter how tough the journey gets. Using the tips above can help you revise and send targeted applications that help you land your dream job.

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