Introducing Toni Maxfield...

Canberra local, Toni Maxfield, has the best gig in town.  The 38 year-old Private joined the Army in 2010 as an Army Reserve Musician and has since had the opportunity to perform to a wide variety of audiences all over Australia, spreading her love of music along the way.


“In my normal day job I’m the CEO of a music school called Music for Everyone, and joining the Army Reserve as a Musician was just another opportunity for me to get paid as a vocalist. I had sung with the Royal Military College (RMC) Band in Canberra as a civilian guest performer and just knew what a wonderful experience it was,” Toni said.

“I recently went on a two week field exercise with the Australian Army Band Newcastle and we toured through New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory. We went all the way through to Ayres Rock and did some gigs in rural and remote areas, which was really amazing and great for the kids to be able to see a big band, and instruments that they would have never seen before.”

Army Bands perform at Defence and Government ceremonial occasions, as well as entertain soldiers both in Australia and overseas. They also perform at community events, educational programs and charity organisations.

“I think that being in the Army (and the Defence Force) is like having a huge extended family. The relationship that the band have is very supportive, so that is a definite positive, and the performances you get to do – Canberra Theatre, Floriade, travelling down to the Moruya Jazz Festival – for me, being able to be a part of all those activities, is something that I really enjoy doing and cherish,” Toni said.

The Army Reserve is made up of everyday Aussies ready to step up to the challenge. Reservists help local communities around Australia and abroad, and play an important part in providing the additional officers and soldiers the Australian Army needs.

The Army Reserve is currently recruiting. For further information on the range of roles available in your local area visit:  or call 13 19 01

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