Maximise the Potential of your Work Commute

Your daily travel routine is full of potential – potential that’s normally wasted on twitter, depressing news, and Facebook…’friends’. But for the dedicated professional or job-seeker, that time spent being taken from one place to another is a portal to self-improvement.

Motivation Monday: Taking Control

Taking control is a really odd phrase, because it can refer to Vikings ‘taking control’ of Dublin and to someone ‘taking control’ of themselves so they don’t eat that sixth muffin.

Motivation Monday: Making Goals

Just before you start writing down your ‘Goals for 2016 list’, which will probably start with something like ‘more jogging’ and end with ‘world peace’, let’s have a talk about how goal-making and how it works hand in hand with your motivation.

Motivation Mondays: The Science Behind Motivation

So it’s 2016, a new year, the start of a new journey in the Year of the You. Once you’ve digested the last of the Christmas pudding and finally kicked that lingering hangover from New Years, it’s time to start working on how this year is going to be amazing for you.

Are you in the right job?

Dreaded Monday mornings may not be a sign of being in the wrong job – but if coupled with declining work performance, a feeling each day drags or sickness hits when on holidays, it probably is not the best fit.

3 Steps To Earning $100,000 In 6 Months

The bills were piling up. The truck he was driving was costing more to run. It was getting harder and harder for Matt Taylor and his family to survive. So what did he do that generated over $100,000 in just 6 months? You’ll be surprised.

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