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Village Roadshow Limited
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Village Cinemas Australia

Posted 5 Jul 2017

Cinema Exhibition is where Village Roadshow started. Today Village Roadshow and its strategic partners operate approximately 722 cinemas at 75 sites in Australia, Singapore and the United States where state of the art complexes have set industry standards.

Since early 2000, the Group has reduced the number of territories in which it operates having exited Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Switzerland, Hungary, France, New Zealand, Fiji, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Argentina, Taiwan, Korea and in the United Kingdom.

Importantly, Cinema Exhibition remains a core division of the Group and the Company is committed to developing one of the world's highest quality cinema circuits that continues to generate strong returns.

In Australia, Village Cinemas is one of the country's largest cinema operators, with an interest in screens across all Australian states. Since beginning operations in the 1950's, Village Cinemas has not only expanded the number of cinemas it operates, it has enriched the cinema going experience. In particular Village Roadshow was one of the first companies to develop the multiplex concept and make stadium seating a standard fixture in all its cinemas. It was also Australia's first major cinema exhibitor to convert 100% of its screens to the digital format.

The creation of 'entertainment destinations' and not just cinemas is central to the division's strategy, aiming to increase attendances by enhancing the movie going culture in its chosen markets. The division has also sought to widen the appeal of going to the movies by creating new concept cinemas attractive to a broader demographic. As part of this approach the division has developed concepts such as Gold Class, Vpremium and the larger Vmax screens.

Gold Class Cinemas are luxury, premium venues offering personalised levels of service; smaller more private and intimate cinemas; customer designed recliner seating and state of the art projection and sound systems. This style of cinemas has been particularly popular for corporate functions and those looking for a more memorable movie going experience. In addition Village Roadshow took the Gold Class concept to the USA and now owns a strategic investment in upmarket cinema venues that trade under the iPic brand.

The Vpremium concept was launched in 2015 and is a fresh take on the cinema experience. Vpremium offers customers a cinema going experience between traditional and Gold Class, serving hot food and alcoholic beverages from an extensive menu.

Vmax are truly big screens which bring movies to patrons in the most realistic and impactful way. Films are seen as they are meant to be seen, all the comedy, action and drama of the movies come to life.

Consistent with its strategy of extending the movie going experience, Village Roadshow also manages a number of amusement centres generally adjacent to cinema complexes. Called "Intencity", these centres provide a range of arcade style games including the latest real action amusements.

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Intencity is a chain of video arcades owned by Village Roadshow, with arcade locations in most states of Australia. The chain was originally launched in 1995 as part of a venture called Village Nine Leisure (a partnership between Village, Nine Network and Westfield Group).

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