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    About Victoria Police
    Victoria Police employs over 17, 000 people, including police, protective services officers (PSO), public servants and forensic scientists. Our employees work from more than 500 locations across the state, ensuring that a safe and secure society underpins the economic, cultural and social wellbeing of Victoria.

    Victoria Police provides policing services to the Victorian community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working to keep over 5.7 million Victorians safe.

    Victoria Police is a large organisation employing more than 17,000 staff.

    Police officers and protective services officers are supported in their roles by public service professionals who work as administrators, managers and specialists in a range of functions such as legal services, accounting and forensic sciences.

    Effective frontline response service delivery is provided through 54 Police Service Areas (PSAs), split across 21 divisions within four regions - North West Metro, Southern Metro, Eastern and Western. These regional boundaries correspond with those of other Victorian government departments, enhancing cross-department service delivery, particularly in the area of emergency management.

    Victoria Police operates under the Victorian Police Act 2013.

    Our Mission

    At Victoria Police, our mission is to ensure a safe, secure and orderly society by serving the community and the law.

    Through the combined efforts of our workforce, we give effect to our mission to ensure a safe, secure and orderly society through:

    > Preserving the peace
    > Protecting life and property
    > Preventing offences
    > Detecting and apprehending offenders
    > Helping those in need of assistance.

    Our Values

    > Flexibility - remain open-minded at all times, be adaptive to change, while welcoming difference and practicing tolerance.
    > Leadership - be approachable, consistent, committed to, and inspire these organisational values in others.
    > Integrity - act with honesty, respecting the right of fair process for all, maintain confidentiality and respect for those we deal with, demonstrate moral strength and courage, and behave with honour and impartiality.
    > Professionalism - accept responsibility, be accountable to our customers and ourselves. We must communicate honestly, openly and consistently and continually strive for excellence.
    > Respect - embrace the diversity that exists within our community, valuing opinions while appreciating and acknowledging the efforts of others.
    > Support - recognise and reward the service of our colleagues, and promote professional and career development. At all times, we must care for the wellbeing of our colleagues.
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