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About Titan Recruitment
A career with Titan Recruitment can provide many challenging opportunities, offering people the chance to work alongside professional and motivated people, on exciting work and projects.

Titan’s culture is based on excellence and success and all employees are given opportunities for professional and personal development within a supported and energetic environment.

The Titan Difference

We do things a little different at Titan Recruitment and our structure is based on a ‘Strengths Model’.

In today’s business world, having a great HR strategy is simply not enough; successful organisations must tightly align their people and culture with business goals to achieve real and consistent success.

At Titan, our people have the opportunity to do what they do best EVERY DAY! We believe that people have much more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths instead of correcting their deficiencies. Historically a 360-consultancy, Titan has recently reignited its structure to ensure organisational agility in this current market. From this we have formed a structure which identifies three key areas:

•  Account Management
•  Service Delivery
•  Business Development
•  Account Management

The main focus of the Account Management team is to develop, implement and maintain client accounts with a clear intention to provide a high level of service delivery. Managing and developing the growth of each client with the emphasis on business strategies and technical data linked to Service Delivery and ensuring internal processes are followed and compliance is adhered to and in line with our client’s expectations, thus ensuring we provide Operational Excellence.

Service Delivery

Quite simply, the role of the Delivery team is to find the best person in the marketplace at the current time – both active and passive - by utilising their intellectual know-how and extensive resources. They are driven, passionate and tenacious in finding the right candidate/client fit.

Business Development

The role of the business development team is to utilise their strengths to create new opportunities. These are our ‘hunters’ and actively seek out new opportunities for the business Along with their exceptional drive, they understand the market and are able to identify and convert prospects. These individuals with their energy and charisma play a vital role in laying the foundations for solid ongoing relationships with clients.


Remuneration & Benefits

We believe in rewarding success. While we offer an attractive and competitive remuneration package, we also provide a number of performance-based incentives including.

•  Quarterly performance bonuses
•  Individual performance rewards (salary reviews based on annual performance review)
•  Team Rewards

Ongoing Development

Titan invests significantly into the development of its people through a range of training and professional development initiatives.

Our programme is designed to build on existing skills and develop new abilities, and includes: Strengths-based training, leadership development and technical skills training with an emphasis on building high performance teams.

Strength Training

Titan employs an innovative strengths-based training model. There’s evidence that people who focus on their strengths have more fun and get more done! The programme gives you the tools to understand your strengths and explore ways to embrace and use them every day.

Leadership Development

We believe our Managers and Team Leaders should be equipped with the skills to bring out the best in people, while at the same time building the skills they need to be able to manage high performing teams. A leadership coaching and development programme is in place to give our Managers a professional advantage.

Technical Skills Training

Each of our team members has a professional development plan to ensure skills are relevant and keep up with the changing environment.

Coaching & Mentoring

In keeping with our Technical skills training and professional development, our Team Leaders ensure that Consultants develop a greater understanding of the roles they are working and the recruitment process by providing daily desk side mentoring and coaching to their teams. Weekly self-assessment sessions with Team Leaders activates a self awareness that assists Consultants in defining their career path and training needs.

Team Building

Fun, engaging and valuable activities – in and out of the office!