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Tennis is part of our national sporting and cultural heritage. The sport contributes strongly to the social cohesiveness of our community and provides a safe and healthy sport and social environment for Australians of all ages and abilities. Since our early beginnings in 1904, Tennis Australia has developed into an AUD$200+ million business operating as a one-team company.
Our responsibilities include marketing tennis as a sport and a brand, staging international events including the Australian Open and the Australian Open Series

We are often on the hunt for fresh faces to join our family! We offer placements to university students with the desire for on-the-job experience. Our Student Placement Program encompasses both voluntary and paid placements and is open to students from Australian Universities or TAFE institutions that are required to complete a placement as part of their course. For unique exposure, experience and insight into your area of interest as well as the operation of our business, this program may be for you!

Can I do work experience at TA?

We do not presently accept work experience requests from secondary school students.

Student placement testimonials

Completing a student placement at Tennis Australia has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences. Completing an internship provides you with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, in which the team at Tennis Australia provide so well. They really look after you and ensure that you feel a part of the organisation. The work I have been involved in, particularly in the Australian Open has been a fun and engaging learning experience, where I have gained valuable insight in the areas of HR administration, recruitment, health and wellbeing of employees. In today’s competitive and dynamic work environment, I would highly recommend completing a student placement internship with Tennis Australia. Not only does it give you a competitive edge, it also provides you with the opportunity to build your skills and a chance to apply your learning to real work experiences. 

- Ha Ly – Human Resources Intern, Swinburne University of Technology


Completing a student placement at Tennis Australia within the Cardio Tennis department allowed me to further the skills and knowledge that I had obtained through my university studies. I had the pleasure of working alongside a great team that were very supportive, giving me a valuable placement, where I assisted on a diverse range of projects. I was given the opportunity to attend off-site Tennis Australia events and meetings, which was thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile. I would highly recommend a Tennis Australia student placement to any student as it is a great foundation for any aspiring professional. 

- Kayla Goodman-McNamara – Cardio Tennis, Victoria University


Undertaking a student placement in the Athlete Development department at Tennis Australia was the most valuable and rewarding experience in my professional life. I learnt and had the opportunity to apply many new analytical, research, communication, and networking skills. I also gained a clear understanding of the scope and strength of Tennis Australia in developing and enhancing tennis in this country. My placement opened up many professional opportunities and played a significant role in me obtaining my current position as Sport Science and Athlete Development Analyst. I would definitely recommend undertaking a student placement at Tennis Australia as you will be provided with a wealth of knowledge through interacting and working with industry leaders in a high performance environment.

- Danielle Gescheit – Athlete Development, Deakin University