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    About Superior People Recruitment
    Superior People Recruitment is a professional employment agency with a big difference

    Superior People is unique in comparison to other recruitment & employment agencies by providing a specialist level of service to a diverse level of businesses while achieving an industry leading retention rate of placements.

    We are Revolutionising the Recruitment model by breaking away from the traditional recruitment structure by providing businesses with a serious alternative to incurring the high costs by offering an affordable fee structure and a 6 month guaranteed replacement period. This is what differentiates us, more importantly, what makes our clients keep coming back for more.

    Operating across all major cities in Australia, our portfolio covers a large range of sectors coupled with an experienced and outstanding team of consultants that provide an innovative and quality employment solution.

    We are committed to connecting and understanding you and your business. This is to ensure we not only source the best skilled, qualified and experienced candidates, but to connect you with the person who will be the best fit. Australian owned and operated since 2005, Superior People Recruitment is a leading and experienced employment agency that works with a broad range of industries.

    Our success can be measured by the fact that over 72% of all candidates we have placed still remain with the employer for a minimum of 12 months and longer.

    Superior People Recruitment recognises that the investment in your staff is imperative to the operation and success of your business. Therefore we only offer candidates deemed to possess the superior skill level, culture fit and quality of character essential for your organisation.

    Our values, combined with our mission ‘to be the best, not the biggest’, means that our people have dedication, purpose and integrity, that drives our work to positively impact all involved.

    Superior People Recruitment prescribes to the philosophy that staffing recruitment should be attainable and affordable for all businesses. Our organisation is designed to provide rational and ethical cost structures that definitively challenge industry standard recruitment fees, while maintaining excellence and quality in personnel placement.

    Superior People also operates outside standard business hours to provide you a comprehensive and uncomplicated consultation process when needed.

    Our uniqueness reduces recruitment costs and makes skilled talent accessible to everyone.

    Our vision is to provide companies with the best skilled, experienced and suitable candidates for them, with minimum fuss, limited risk, and cost effective solutions.

    Our goal is to ensure we source not only the best skilled and experienced person for your business but more importantly, the person who best “fits” your organisation to ensure longevity and stability.


    • Bringing the right talent to an organisation may not just prove tough but also cost-intensive.
    • Superior People Recruitment has an affordable fee structure for its high-quality staffing solutions and ensures transparency in cost structure.
    • The firm also provides a replacement guarantee for placed candidates if they prove unsatisfactory or leave the employment within the initial six months.
    In order to ensure smooth sailing for their businesses, organisations make several decisions. One factor which makes an organisation stand out and thrive even in challenging times is its workforce. Undoubtedly, a company is only as good as its people. And thus, it becomes highly critical to hire the right people.

    However, bringing the right talent to an organisation may not just prove tough but also cost-intensive. Though organisations seeking hassle-free and convenient hiring often tend to use the services of external agencies, paying off associated fees for the recruitment agency can impact their budget.

    In the current scenario when the choice between recruiting talent and managing cost continues to become more difficult, Superior People Recruitment with its philosophy of affordable recruitment is greasing the wheels for many employers.

    Established in 2005, Superior People Recruitment is a professional employment and recruitment agency, operating across all major cities in Australia. The Australian-owned and operated firm is committed to serving its clients with the best skilled, experienced, and suitable candidates.



    Affordable fee structure by Superior People Recruitment

    Superior People Recruitment is transforming the recruitment model by providing serious alternatives to incurring high costs, thanks to its affordable fee structure. The firm charges 5% of annual base salary as fee in addition to GST for all successful permanent placements.

    Meanwhile, Superior People Recruitment also oversees the coordination and management of all aspects of standard media and web-based advertising. Besides the standard advertising, if the company feels the requirement for any other advertising such as display ads, it discusses with the employer.

    The recruitment firm thus provides transparency with no hidden costs attached as the employer taking the services has a clear idea of the cost.

    Six-month guaranteed replacement period

    If a candidate placed by Superior People Recruitment and employed by an organisation proves to be unsatisfactory or leaves the employment within the initial six months, the recruitment firm also guarantees the replacement of that candidate for the same position at no additional cost.

    It thus removes the high cost of uncertainty often associated with growing attrition numbers or not finding the right fit for an organisation.

    Superior People Recruitment also remains in contact with both the employer and the candidate during the first six months of the candidate’s employment to discuss their progress.

    Superior People Recruitment believes in the attainability and affordability of staffing recruitment for all businesses. Driven by its philosophy, the firm offers rational and ethical cost structures, which challenge industry standard recruitment fees and at the same time, maintain high level of service in personnel’s placement.