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    About Spotless
    Spotless Group is an Australian owned, managed and operated provider of integrated facility management services.

    Our history goes back to 1946. Back then, Spotless was just one dry cleaning store in Melbourne. Today, we have an amazing team of some 36,000 people covering Australia and New Zealand.

    A broad and long-term view of sustainability

    Spotless makes informed and balanced decisions when it comes to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of our organisation.

    Sustainability influences everything we do

    Sustainability impacts how we:

    - design and deliver products and services
    - employ people
    - purchase goods and services
    - engage with local communities
    - manage our environment.

    Our goals as a socially responsible organisation

    - To embed sustainable work practices
    - To enhance shareholder returns
    - To deliver business outcomes for clients
    - To provide a safe workplace for staff 
    - To foster enduring relationships with suppliers and local communities