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    About Spotless
    Spotless Group is an Australian owned, managed and operated provider of integrated facility management services.

    Our history goes back to 1946. Back then, Spotless was just one dry cleaning store in Melbourne. Today, we have an amazing team of some 36,000 people covering Australia and New Zealand.

    We embrace and celebrate diversity

    With over 36,000 staff across Australia and NZ, we consider diversity a commercial advantage.

    Spotless is committed to equal opportunities for all. And we promote inclusion for people who have historically been neglected or disadvantaged in employment.

    Indigenous engagement

    Spotless actively supports indigenous employees through a variety of initiatives. 

    We've been a member of the Corporate Leader for Indigenous Employment Program since 1991. And we're a member of Supply Nation - a program designed to support career opportunities and pathways for indigenous people. 

    Supported closely at executive to front line staff, our Indigenous Opportunity Statement applies to all sites throughout Australia.   

    Gender equality

    Spotless is proud to have equal gender participation in our workforce.

    Our workplace practices and policies promote equal opportunity for all employees - irrespective of gender. With such diversity across service type, employment options, locations and industry sectors, Spotless is truly committed to gender equality across its workforce

    Every year Spotless complies with reporting obligations under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.