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The Person In Your Team You Should Fire Before Lunch

Posted 11 Nov 2016

The saddest thing I hear in client meetings everyday is about the person who’s the weakest link in the team. Clients sit their and describe this person like they’re a horrible terminal disease, like the law forbids them of terminating their employment, and the reasons I hear…. oh it would be bad brand damage, we don’t have a replacement, we don’t have time for going to court, (like this happens every time, but take each situation individually and deal with them reasonably).

Now every team in the world has a weakest link (hell, at times its me in mine), but this a reality and you have to make a strategy to manage this person either into the business better, or out of it at lunch.

So many bosses talk about hire slow fire fast, but seldom practice it because it’s not “fair” (but really we don’t have the balls).

I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you don’t put effort into changing the situation of your team members who aren’t showing initiative, making reasonable progress and helping themselves by coming to you as the leader with opportunities and solutions.. you may as well re brand your organisation to blah blah holiday camp.

How do we identify the weakest link? They’re among the last in the door of a morning, and the first out the door in the afternoon, (not that time in the office has anything to do with it) they generally have least amount of opportunities cooking and the highest unsolved problems being left to rot at their desks day after day, week after week. 

I’ve said this 97 times over 4 years, across 40 different blogs, through 10 vlogs, and during 3,797,066 different conversations; “the people with C level work ethic are killing your business from the inside out.” The people with solid work ethic, no matter skill level, will always be safe.

At any one time there’s about 5 rockstars ready to take someone’s seat in any organisation including mine, so if you or your team aren’t getting better, it’s time for them to leave and go find another place to kill.

I feel it’s time for leaders to lay the smack down on the weakest link, it’s been a holiday camp for way too long now & we need to shape up or ship the F on with it.

The End.

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